Salon Recruiting Simplified.

Salon Recruiting is not impossible. You just need to learn the steps to do it and we are here to teach you!

We have taken out all of the fluff - because we know you're busy.

You need the why, the what to do, and the how to do it. Talent Match’s recruiting simplified is the beauty industry’s best recruitment education.

Getting the results to desire

Finding Success

There are a few key elements to successful recruiting you need to know before you start! If you can’t make these commitments, you will not find the success you are looking for. (Just keeping it real so you can see results!)

Key Elements to Recruiting Success

Upfront time

our class takes 1-2 hours a week of your time


don’t fall behind or you’ll get stuck in overwhelm


plan to spend 1-2 hours on recruiting moving forward

Keeping it real.

We want to keep it real. Our content comes from the best team-building resource in the industry. Our founder, Stefanie Fox is the pioneer of this content and there are a lot of options popping up. Nothing will compare to Talent Match in results or your financial investment.

For value and knowledge gained- you are in the right place. Our 11-week class is just $249- that’s $22 a week!

What to Expect

Grab your coffee, a notepad and any team who is helping support you and dive in! You will receive video modules and worksheets each week. 

Each week’s content is different, so the time in class varies. We won’t waste your time – some weeks you have a 15-minute video, and you can get right into the work and other weeks it’s closer to an hour of video content before you dive into the worksheets.  

Pro tip: Don’t do this alone. Bring in any team member who loves your brand and is willing to collaborate. No recruiting expertise required! 

What we’ll cover in the class!

Weeks 1-3

Uncover your salon's recruiting story.
Who are you and why someone should want to work for you?

Weeks 4-9

Marketing your salon's story.
Work on marketing strategies to promote and highlight your unique story.

Weeks 10-11

Create a candidate experience.
Define the elements that build the experience for onboarding with your salon.

Plus, these bonuses!

Customizable School PowerPoint Presentation

Interview Question
Cheat Sheet

Creating amazing new hire experiences tip sheet


Sure! You can share your login code with any of your staff so they can join you.

Class runs for 11 weeks. You can expect to spend 1-2 hours per week learning and working on your plan.

No, the class is pre-recorded and can be viewed whenever you are ready to go.

Yes, the class content is available to you right away – we recommend a weekly module pace.

The entire course is just $249. That is for worksheets, videos, and bonuses!

We said it before but feel it’s important to say again.

At Talent Match we skip the fluff you find in other recruitment education because we are not here to waste your time. We get right into the work with you and only teach the elements we know drive results. 

We keep it affordable because we believe this…

“The salon industry is and has been divided between salons who employee stylist and salons who have independent contractors. At Talent Match, we believe there is a place for everyone to play BUT we also know that the beauty industry is losing many talented stylists because they made the wrong pick when they took a salon job. Data tells us the reasons they leave are reasons that can be overcome- let’s move our industry forward into one where we can have a human-centered strategy that complements our business strategy. This education will help you do that. I believe it is imperative for our success on the employee side of the industry to do a better job at recruiting talent - the future of the industry depends on it.

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