At Talent Match we take this work very seriously. Our founder, Stefanie Fox Jackson has been studying the beauty industry workforce for over 12 years. Not only is she a researcher, she does this work too. Stefanie owns Canvas Salon and Skin Bar, a 6x recipient of the Top 200 Salons in America awards. She works with salons and beauty organizations of all sizes on their talent challenges and uses research to support her findings. Stefanie is a nationally recognized keynote speaker on the subject, having spoken in front of audiences at favorite industry events like Serious Business, ISBN’s National Conference, Intercoiffure, Pro Beauty Association, Data Driven Salon Summit, and more. She has been featured in Salon Today and Beauty Launchpad for her innovative and inspiring ideas around building talent in the beauty industry. Stefanie loves leadership, collaboration, and helping others. She serves on the board of the Columbus Ohio chapter for the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Her biggest passion is helping people grow. Stefanie’s love of talent building, and leadership development grew from her time working with redCHOCOLATE, a beauty industry education consulting company. In that work she was privileged to travel the world and teach in salons, gaining the trust of the staff and the owners, she heard many stories of frustration coming from both sides. She set out to solve those challenges and has never looked back.

Stefanie takes pride in the fact that she does not come from a recruiting background. She comes from a team development and research background- which has led her down a deeply intimate path of understanding. Her work as a salon owner has kept her in the trenches like all of her clients and has allowed her to test her theories before they launch. Stefanie’s outlook is that when people believe in the vision and get to do work they love, you’ll love the work they do. This is the very definition of a dream team and at Talent Match, we build dream teams.

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