Did you know that the #1 thing Generation Z Beauty Professionals want from the place they work is a team that feels like a family? 

(Talent Match LLC, 2018 Cosmetology Workforce Survey)

We believe data tells a story.

We believe in doing the research to find the story.

Our goal is to thoroughly understand the beauty business workforce. What they think, want, need, and expect.

We regularly conduct research studies to inform our work with clients and to move the beauty industry forward in its efforts to find and keep talent.

If you’d like a copy of some of the key findings from our most recent study click here.

Research is also a service we offer. All of our client engagements begin with some level of research, but we also love digging even deeper with some clients. We are happy to do research for you within your brand to help you uncover the story waiting to be told.

Just reach out and we can chat details. 

Tired of recruiting feeling so hard?

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