Bootcamp: An intensive & rigorous course of training

Next Enrollment Period is March 2024!

There is a lot of noise in the beauty industry about growth, profits, and salon coaches.

The real truth is that salons only grow in 3 ways:


Staff (recruiting & retaining)


Clients (recruiting & retaining)


Tickets (more + higher)

A focus on any of these areas will help you grow your salon business, but only one of them drives double digit growth and that is salon recruiting!

You Need This Bootcamp if...

You're ready to grow your salon this year

You're tired of feeling like you can’t get your head around how to recruit stylists

Your recruitment pipeline dried up over the last two years

You want to create sustainable growth in your salon business

You feel overwhelmed by salon recruitment

You're wondering if your team really knows how to recruit

You could use an accountability coach to help your team execute.

The Salon Recruitment Bootcamp is a 10-session Salon Recruiting Education Series that walks you through start to finish how to recruit stylists.

We offer two options for the Bootcamp Learning

Join us live weekly via Zoom!

This virtual live series is jam packed with value from your Talent Match coach, the learns from other teams in the course with you, and from your participating team members!

Live Bootcamps run quarterly!

I hired 28 people in the first year following the Talent Match Salon Recruiting Bootcamp. It changed my business.

— Helen Miller, Scott Miller Salon

Talent Match helped us re-craft our opstable job descriptions so a candidate can easily read about our culture, not just the facts of the job. It worked beautifully.

— Virginia Meyer, FourteenJay Salon

Working with Stefanie is like a breath of fresh air. She has helped my team work through roadblocks that were holding us back.

— Jen Baudier, Bella Style Salon

Talent Match was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC for our business.This program blew away my expectations! Navigating running a business on social media is extremely stressful but this course simplified so much in the social realm to help us recruit. Since we have incorporated the information from Talent Match we have engaged over 16K accounts in the last 90 days which is up 10% from the same time last year. We have interviewed 10 applicants and hired 5 of them! I would recommend anyone that is looking to hire new employees to attend. 5 stars for sure!

— Nora Verzaal, Salon Aria + Spa

We combine proprietary industry data with
salon owner experience

In this ten session salon recruiting course, you’ll have a one of a kind experience learning how to overhaul your salon growth.

We don’t take just anyone in this program because we only want to work with salons who are serious about impacting change and growing.

in Salon Recruiting Bootcamp

Salon Recruiting Bootcamps are rigorous and intensive training on the most important element of your salons growth; Recruiting!



Designing a dream culture

The first session is all about gaining clarity on what you wish your salon culture was and learning about what the data tells us stylists want. You can’t start building a recruiting strategy for your salon until you’re clear on these two things. 



The Leadership Space

The second session goes into your salon’s leadership space and helps you dissect areas of strength and areas of opportunity. You’ll learn about the expectations of today’s workforce + how to meet them. Leadership plays a critical role in recruiting & retaining your salon staff.



Minding the Gaps + Your New Story

The third session is a deep dive in finding the gaps between where you want/need to be and where you actually are. The tools and lessons in the program help you find clarity in your opportunity areas. 




Thanks to the data we are crystal clear on where today’s workforce spends their time researching you. In the fourth session, you’ll be back in audit mode to understand what your current outbound story looks like so that you can refine it and start attracting candidates.



Stylist Pathways: Your Website

In the fifth session, we take a laser focus at one of the pathways we know the stylist follows to learn more about you: your website. In this session, we’ll dissect your website + determine what you need to change so it can be a recruiting engine for you.



Stylist Pathways: The Schools

In the sixth session, we look at your school focus and dive into the data that tells us about how students use schools to find jobs. You’ll use these insights to overhaul your school strategy and strengthen (or build) your school pipeline.



Stylist Pathways: Social Media

In the seventh session, we look at social media’s impact and the part it plays in your recruitment success, along with how to build out your recruiting content strategy. This element is the most overlooked and one of the most important when it comes to recruiting stylists.



Recruiting Experienced Stylists

In the eighth session, we discuss how to find stylists with experience. Where are they, why would they pick you, and how can you capture their attention? We discuss 3 key strategies for success in adding senior talent to your salon team. 



Your Candidate Experience

In your ninth session, you are ready to capture those leads. This means that you need sound hiring practices, which include everything from your job posting and interview questions to your onboarding process.



Living your Story: The Secret to Strong Retention

In your tenth and final session, we talk about the maintenance of your story and how to stay relevant as times change. In this session, we’ll make sure you are living the story you are telling by establishing important checks and balances with your team.

All of this is possible because you get:

An Onboarding call with a Talent Match Team Member

10 Virtual Live Sessions + Video Recordings in Course Portal

Recruiting Tools &

4 Quarterly

A Private
Facebook Group

Access for 1 year to a Talent Match Coach


A School Campaign Tracking Template

This editable spreadsheet can be utilized by you or your team to keep track of your potential school leads & make recruiting from schools more seamless.

Stylist Compensation Checklist

The in's and out's on how to best show off your compensation package and values when working with at your salon.

Culture Guide: How to impact employee retention

Tips for keeping culture top of mind so employees stay with you.

PLUS! You gain access to our quarterly Salon Recruiting Mastermind calls with our founder, Stefanie Fox to listen, learn, and ask your salon recruiting questions.

Are you Ready?

We are excited to learn about your salon’s business and discuss the possibility of helping you grow by solving your recruiting challenges.

Happy recruiting!

Hey. I'm Stef.

I help salon owners convert their team’s culture story into a recruiting magnet.

I’ve spent 20 years in the beauty industry and every year I find myself more obsessed with asking big questions and pushing the boundaries of possibilities to find solutions.

I do this work through an abundance of research, time investment, and question-asking. I’m a self-proclaimed data nerd who likes to use facts and feelings to find the best solutions.

In case you have some questions..
We have answers.

The time you spend in class. The depth of learning. The number of participants who gain access. The style of learning. The accountability.

The Salon Recruiting Bootcamp is for salons who are serious about achieving their growth goals and know that building a recruiting process is the key to doing it. Any size salon can participate.

The program runs for 10 weekly sessions with quarterly follow ups for 1 year post completion.

There are two options for your Bootcamp investment and both offer payment plans.

Virtual Live Bootcamp $6500
Our Live Bootcamps pair together one Talent Match Recruiting Coach with five salons (in non competing markets) and we spend time together weekly for 10 sessions so you can build a recruitment strategy that changes your business. We support you for an entire year following the program. We become an accountability partner for you and your team, ensuring you put your new recruiting systems to work.

Virtual On Demand Bootcamp $2999
Sign up anytime and take the same Bootcamp program but on your own schedule with content released weekly.

At the beginning of the program, we set goals with each salon for their desired hire count.

Participants who have come through the program have hired between 3-30 people in the first year post the program. 

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