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The Salon Recruiting Workbook

The reason your salon can not find staff can be narrowed down to one thing

Students and stylists don’t know why they should work for you.

Take yourself outside of your role as a salon owner or salon manager and imagine you are a client who is looking for a new salon. 

You are likely curious about…

  1. Where the salon is located
  2. What kind of services they offer
  3. How much they charge

…and maybe even which stylist would be the best person to see.

To find most of this information you go to the salon’s website and then you see a link to the salon’s Instagram page so you pop over there to have a look at their work. At this point, you are either sold that this is the salon you want to book an appointment with or you keep looking. You need to feel nearly 100% confident at this point, otherwise, you go elsewhere.

Salon talent is doing the same thing, only the things they want to know and see are different from what your salon client needs to know and see. As a result, many salons fall short when it comes to giving salon talent immediate access to the information they want and need to decide that YOU are their fit. 

There is a simple solution for this problem and I give you step-by-step instructions on how to solve it in my FREE Salon Recruiting Workbook

This interactive workbook gives you access to important data on exactly what today’s beauty workforce cares about and when they pick a salon. When you download this free guide, you’ll also learn the two steps you can take right away to change your salon’s hiring reality.

I'm Stefanie Fox.

I help salon owners convert their teams culture story into a recruiting magnet.

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You don’t have to keep stressing about not being able to find talent.

…Or worse, you shouldn’t have to keep stressing about finding the wrong talent!

Download my free workbook now!

When you take my advice and start implementing it you will not only attract MORE candidates but they will be your dream candidates. 

The number ONE way to grow your salon business is to add staff.

And with all of the changes the professional beauty industry has experienced in the last few years around talent’s needs and wants, it’s time for you to gain back some sense of control in your business.

Feedback from Our Successful Recruiters

I’ve hired 40 people since our team went through the Talent Match Salon Recruiting Bootcamp and implemented their advice. We have our hires made for the next 5 months and then we are out of room! We used to be stressed because we couldn’t find staff and now nobody quits and we have the best team we’ve ever had!
Helen Miller
Scott Miller Salon
Rochester, NY
I made the mistake of thinking my business was doing good and I didn’t need to hire because I was focused on getting my current staff busy. Then I lost 3 people at once and didn’t know what to do to recover. We worked with Talent Match and they helped us restaff & build a process that has kept us relevant in the eyes of talent so we don’t ever have an empty recruiting pipeline again!
Kayli Bonnet
Bella Style Salon
Slidell, LA

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