Do you need a motivational speaker at your next keynote or corporate retreat?

Maybe you want to host an intimate session with just your leadership team. Talent Match would love to speak at your event. Their work is informed by privately conducted research and that means it is always evolving. Every speech is customized to the audience it is being delivered to.

Not sure what your team needs? Talent Match has a handful of general teams building topics that always fan favorites. Do you want to talk about what your event needs? 

2020 Keynote Topics

  • Culture Shock. Why it’s really not so shocking
  • The dirty M word. Understanding how to attract millennials.
  • What’s with all this disruption? A close look at what is impacting the workforce the most.
  • The truth about talent in 2020. A look at how recruiting talent has changed.
  • Sustainable Leadership- Owning the requirement to fill your cup.
  • The future of work. Building a dream team using B2E marketing.

Tired of recruiting feeling so hard?

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