My name is Stefanie Fox. You’re on this page because I’m inviting you to participate in a really important research study about the beauty industry workforce. Please click the gold button below that says “take survey”. 

This survey applies to anyone who works in the industry. Service providers, estheticians, barbers or hairstylists, leadership, and Instructors.

Stick with me here. I know surveys can be boring.

Let me explain the purpose of this one!
With the advancements in technology and the variety of generations working today in 2022, it’s harder and harder for salons, spas, and barbershops to understand what everyone wants and needs from their employer.

If you’re a booth renter or someone who aspires to booth rent this applies to you
because manufactures, technologies, and salon suite companies that serve our industry need to know what you think and want.

Summed up: Know better, do better.

This survey will help us know more about you, which means we can serve you better!

Plus, I know that as you take the survey it will help expand your thinking around what you want and need- and hopefully even give you guidance and clarity on those things.

It won’t take long! The first question is going to ask you if you want to be contacted for further surveys. Please say yes.

I promise you that you won’t be spammed. You’ll only ever be contacted by me about a new survey and I won’t share your info with anyone else. It’s a huge service you can do for the industry to just share what you think.

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