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The 3 Loyalty Perks Stylists Actually Want
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I don’t know a salon leader who hasn’t wondered how to retain talent longer. 

In the last ten years as the suite market has continued to expand, even salons with the “best leaders” have struggled to understand how to keep a stylist around longer. In my 2021 Hiring Guide, I asked stylists exactly that – and three key areas stood out. 

  1. Unlimited Free Education
  2. Free Beauty Products
  3. A free monthly massage

1. Unlimited Free Education

67% of respondents said that having free and unlimited education would be a reason for them to stay more loyal to a salon long term. 

This perk is not surprising, considering the high desire for continued growth that we see among beauty industry professionals.

In fact, the ability to grow is listed as the #2 reason they choose a salon to work for in the first place. If we have the perk of education available to stylists, then it becomes not only a tool for attraction but also one for retention.  

2. Free Beauty Products

54% of respondents said that having access to free beauty products would be considered a loyalty perk. 

Many salons offer premium discounts to their teams on products and typically pass along the deals they receive from manufacturers.

I would also encourage salons to think about free product offerings as incentives for performance goals being achieved or for recognition of a job well done. 

3. A Free Monthly Massage

49% of respondents said that a free monthly massage would be a loyalty perk. 

I personally loved this response because I think it speaks to the awareness of how much strain and stress stylists put their bodies through. 

In an industry where we are still light on the number of salons who can afford to offer traditional health care benefits, this might be an area more salons could entertain. 

If 69% of the workforce wants to work as an employee after they graduate, but then 72% of them want to go on to rent – then we have to ask ourselves what it would take to keep them. 

We know from the data that they do believe there are keys to keeping them. 89% of the study respondents said that they would stay in a salon long term if a salon could meet all of their needs.

What needs are you willing and able to meet in your business?

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