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About Talent Match

Talent Match was born out of Stefanie’s love of research and her desire to understand the beauty industry workforce. For 12 years, Stefanie has studied the team members that make up the salon industries workforce- diving deep into their needs, wants, and desires. As a well-known keynote speaker on the topics of Millennial’s and Generational Leadership, Stefanie felt a calling to use her data to do more than inspire people with the information. She wanted to help salon leaders everywhere change their realty around hiring. And, she wanted to help the workforce make more informed decisions about where they should work- so they were more likely to thrive.

As a salon owner herself, Stefanie’s process has been used in her own business and proven over and over again with clients. The data doesn’t lie and our team building solutions are based on information directly from our talent base. We KNOW that the number one thing today’s talent says they care about is a team that feels like a family. We also know how overwhelming it can feel to try and figure out if someone is the right fit for your brand- it’s just as overwhelming for them to try and determine if you’re the right “family fit” as a salon.

How Can Talent Match Help?

We can help you debunk your old beliefs around hiring and get crystal clear on how to tell your culture story so that people see it and know for themselves that you are the place they want to work. Imagine if people knew so much about you when they applied that they already had their heart set on a job offer from you? Imagine if instead of praying that someone said yes when you job offered them, the talent was at home praying you sent the job offer!

At Talent Match we help you create a full plan for recruiting that uncovers and tells your superpowers in such a way that you attract amazing candidates for your brand. We help you learn how to use the schools to maximize your success and make it possible for you to stop feeling held hostage if you have staff you know you need to let go.

We always go back to the same thing- You should LOVE your team and the business you lead in. If recruiting and team building is an area of frustration, we want to help you turn the corner to make it a place you thrive.

Intercoiffure Member

As members of Intercoiffure America Canada, Talent Match advocates for beauty through work and life, to make the world more beautiful inside and out.

“Working with Stefanie is a wonderful blend of having to stretch out of one’s comfort zone while feeling safe and encouraged! Stefanie meets everyone she works with where they are at, creates a safe space for exploration and learning and encourages constant improvement."
Charnie Benson
Douglas J Companies
“Working with Stefanie has allowed my business to grow because of her leadership and ability to help me understand the bigger picture. She has a knack for seeing how things all comes together Which helped me elevate my business.”
Amanda Olusanya
James Irving Grooming Salon
“Working with Stefanie is like taking a breath of fresh air. She has helped my team work through roadblocks that were holding them back personally and professionally. We love working with her to help us build our team!”
Jennifer Baudier
Bella Style Salon

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