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Stefanie Fox

Speaker – Entrepreneur – Generational Expert – Leader – Collaborator

Are you curious about what your team really wants?

Do you ever find yourself wishing you just knew what they were thinking? 

I am committed to continually researching and learning about the needs of the professional beauty industry workplace.  I have built and led big teams and small teams, giving me giving me firsthand experience and a great place to experiment with my theories.

At all of my events, I share the findings from this research so that you can make informed, even innovative decisions about your team and business.

I work with teams and organizations who are as passionate about developing their people as I am. We help salons of all sizes attract, recruit, hire, and lead top talent. I dive into the pains and successes, the psychology and world events, that have changed the needs of our workforce.

Hire me to speak at your next event as a motivational or keynote speaker.