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At Talent Match, our goal is to help salon owners attract and hire salon talent that you would consider your perfect match. We know it is more important than ever to find talent that fits your culture, so that they will stay longer, perform better, and be happier.

Hiring for your salon business is not one-size-fits-all, so neither are our salon recruitment support options.

What you need to know about recruiting salon talent


You need a strategy because the world of Post & Pray does not work anymore. Meaning you cannot just post a job to hire a hairdresser or front desk concierge and expect the right person (or any person) to show up.

We help you create a strategy for your salon, starting with understanding who you are
and the story you have to tell and ending with all the places you should be telling it.

At Talent Match we refer to this as Knowing your Story.


You need an execution plan because finding salon talent is not just a practice of hiring anymore, it is about recruiting. Recruiting is happening all of the time where hiring happens just when you find yourself in a jam.

We help you make a full execution plan from rebuilding your job descriptions to overhauling your interview process and building an Instagram Recruitment Marketing strategy.

At Talent Match we refer to this as Telling your Story.


You need a leadership strategy because keeping today’s salon talent means you and your entire leadership team show up with excellence. Putting in the work to attract the right hairdressers or estheticians, only to lose them because they don’t feel cared for and led well does not have to be your reality. You don’t have to feel like an overwhelmed, underappreciated leader either.

We help you make a new plan for how to build leaders in your salon and how to stay open to the required change and evolution that today’s workforce requires of us.

At Talent Match we refer to this as Living your Story.

How you can work with us

We have options that can get any salon to the right end game for recruiting and hiring salon staff. We know budget and time matter so we’ve outlined our options below so that you can pick the best fit for your salon based on your time and budget.

Take our 6-week Build Your Beauty Dream Team Online Course

This 6-week series takes you through the necessary steps to build a recruitment marketing strategy for your salon. It’s packed full of tools and resources to help you understand your salons culture and start recruiting your dream salon talent.

It is a video series taught by Stefanie with content released to you each week. You should expect to spend 1-2 hours per week on the course if you go through it at it’s 6-week pace. You can also extend your time as you have lifetime access to the content.

Your investment options are: $497 for the standard selection and $997 for the VIP selection. This busy you access for yourself and one salon manager.

As a VIP you get one-on-one time with Stefanie to discuss your execution strategy.
If you are tight on time, like to work at your own pace, or are budget conscious this is a
great salon recruiting solution for you.

Timeline: 6-Weeks
Investment: $497-$997

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Personalized Salon Recruitment Consulting

At Talent Match, we work with salons privately to build their recruitment strategy over 90 days.

In this private experience, you have two 1-hour calls with the Talent Match team each month. Over 90 days we dive into a variety of recruitment strategy areas, some of which are selected by you.

Sessions 1 & 2 are about discovering your salon’s culture archetype and building the story of your salon team’s magic. This is a required first step to make sure we can clearly and accurately share who you are as a brand.

Sessions 3-6 are customized to your salon’s needs. You can select from any of the following topic areas, and we’ll spend our time together diving into what you need to know to create a customized solution for each area.

  • Instagram Salon
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Job Description Building
  • Interview Process & Interview Questions
  • Indeed Strategy
  • Cosmetology School Strategy
  • Recruiting experienced stylists
  • And more.

Your investment is $1,000 per month for a minimum of 3 months. You can continue the work beyond 3 months if there are additional areas you wish to explore in your salon recruiting strategy. Plus, access to our team via email & slack in between sessions.

If you want to dial into your brand’s specific salon hiring needs and work, one one-on-one with the Talent Match team this is a great option or you.

Timeline: Starting at 3 months
Investment: $3,000+

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Salon Recruitment Intensive Mastermind

This 12-session program is our most time-intensive and in-depth offering.

In our recruitment mastermind, we go into every single part of salon recruiting strategy with you. We work with you in class and out of class to build your salons recruiting strategy.

When you complete this program, you have a full Salon Recruitment Toolkit, and you feel prepared to execute and build your salon’s recruitment pipeline. 

In the Salon Recruitment Intensive Mastermind, we spend up to 2 hours a week together for 3 months. You are in the session with up to 8 other salons, learning, growing, and building a hiring plan. After the 3 month intensive is complete you spend 3 months with Stefanie helping to support the tracking and execution of your strategy. This looks like 1x a month calls to monitor your progress and answer questions so you don’t get stuck. This is a safe space to collaborate and strategize. Everyone who participates signs an NDA for confidentially. In this program you work directly with Stefanie.

Your investment is $9,500.00 and includes access for you and up to 6 additional team members. We recommend you include your salon managers, HR team members, and marketing team members. All of the content is housed in an online learning database where you and your team can re-watch the live sessions, access the worksheets, and find all of the resources.

Timeline: 12 Sessions + 3 months of execution 
Investment: 1 Payment of $9,500 or 3 Payments of $3,334

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Salon Hiring and Recruitment Services

Stefanie, the founder of Talent Match has been in the beauty industry for 19 years. She owned a salon herself for 9 and has worked with thousands of salons across North America over the years. She knows first-hand how busy you are as a salon leader. 

If you don’t have the time, desire, or skill to recruit stylists let Talent Match do it for you. 

Our Recruitment Services clients hire us to post and manage their job ads and send along only the pre-qualified candidates that match their salon’s culture archetypes. 

We start this work by doing a cultural analysis of your team. Once that is complete, we get to work actively recruiting stylists to fill your open positions. We pre-screen the candidates for you and only pass along the ones we know are a fit for your brand. You take it from there to complete your interview process and make the hire. 

Your investment is a flat $2,500 for the onboarding where we assess your team and build your Hiring Toolkit. Once your toolkit is complete your investment is $699 for up to 10 qualified candidates.
*Our fees do not include your online hiring ad spend.

We will make a recommendation for you based on your location for this budget once we have assessed your brand.

Timeline: Custom
Investment: $2500 1 time investment + $699 for up to 10 applicants

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