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How We Can Help

Talent Match has educational programs for every size of salon to teach you how to recruit and hire. Hiring is the NUMBER 1 driver of revenue for a salon. We focus on this critical element of business success and help salons create a solid process with exact “do this” kind of learning so you can stop winging it when it comes to growth. If you are struggling to scale your revenue year over year you need to learn how to recruit. 

We do things a little differently than other salon coaches.

We start first with what the data says. In fact, we’re total nerds about data.

It all started when our founder, Stefanie Fox realized that too many conversations between salon leaders were focused on the problems they were facing and not the possible solutions to the problems.

Like many salons leaders, Stefanie loves to problem solve and she wanted to better understand why so many team building problems were outsmarting us.

Problems like:

  • finding new salon talent
  • engaging existing salon talent
  • recruiting experienced stylists
  • driving salon performance without making it “all about the numbers”
  • frustrated and overwhelmed salon leadership
  • salons losing long term stylists.
  • salons struggling to scale their revenue because they can’t hire.

Salons who work with Talent Match have these kinds of results.

their hire count in the first year (some do even more!)
0 x
increase in new talent retention
0 %
average of new hires retained after year 1
0 %

Salon Recruitment Strategy

Salon Recruitment Processes

Scaling Topline Revenue

Leadership Development

Team Inspiration & Motivation

Our favorite way to work with a client is to start at the beginning of the team building journey -your recruitment process- and work through into your team engagement and retention work.

We are proud of our work and our reputation in the beauty industry. We’ve been honored to work with big brands and small brands, big salons, and small salons. We have proven results in every situation and love the variety of clients for our research.

The list of team building problems goes on and on because we are a people business.

We are also a business where consumer driven behaviors link our employees to our clients, putting our revenues in jeopardy when we lost staff. And lastly, we are a highly disrupted industry making it a very competitive space for hiring team members.

It was from these problems that Talent Match was born as a company here to serve all the people in the salon industry, the salon owners, the salon managers, and the beauty professionals. It is Stefanie’s core belief that everyone should do work they love, with people they love. And, that when they do people are happier, higher performing, and more committed. Our work helps salons really understand their ideal employee and work to attract them, so all parties find the right fit.

This belief guides our brand values and informs every course we teach, coaching client we work with, and impact we make.

We do this in a few ways…

Educational Programs & Tools

The Salon Recruiting Crash Course

A 6-module on-demand training that helps smaller salons learn what they need to know to master recruiting. This course is ideal for salons looking to hire 1-3 people in the next year.

The Salon Recruiting Bootcamp On-Demand

A 10-session deep dive to turn any salon into recruiting pros. The on-demand version gives you the flexibility to fit this around your schedule. This is best for salons who want to hire 5+ people in the next year.

The Salon Recruiting Bootcamp Hybrid

A 10-session, highly interactive deep dive into salon recruiting. You’ll build a full recruitment process for your salon and start hiring right away. 5 sessions are virtual live and 5 are on demand. This version provides the highest interaction, collaboration, and accountability. It is best for salons who want to hire 10+ in the next year.

Experienced Stylist Blueprint

This program is focused exclusively on what you need to know to be a pro at recruiting experienced stylists for your salon team. This 4 module training is fully on demand so you can take it on your time, but you get all the benefits of the collaborative master minds and the private Talent Match Facebook group to support your hiring!

We offer team building services.

Salon Leadership Coaching

We work with a salons leadership team to help them gain higher level thinking, perform better, and enjoy their work and team more. We are the salon leaders’ coach!

Salon Team Coaching

We work with your service providers and their leader to level up those coaching conversations and move them out of stagnant connects. We use the data around talents desire for feedback and friendship and help both parties get the most out of their scheduled 1x1 time.

Salon Private Consulting

Many larger salon brands are looking for customized support and we are proud to work with well-known national salon brands to help support their recruitment efforts. If you are 3 or more locations or a single location with revenues of $7M or more our consulting services are likely your best fit.

Large salon brands you know that we are proud to support: Van Michael Salons, Coles Salons, Mitchells Salons, Scott Miller Salon, Salon 124, and more.

Team Retreats & Speaking Events

We join you in your salon to help overhaul team mindset, connect your team, drive inspiration, kickstart a hopes and dreams mentality, and much much more. If you are interested in having us come to you to create inspiration and drive performance contact us about our speaking availability.


We don’t shy away from hard conversations


We ask questions until we have clarity.

Open Mindedness

We are open to all ideas, change, and evolution.


We’re here and have your back.


We focus on driving learning into action so results happen.

The simple truth of the salon business is that salons only grow in three ways and your highest ROI & biggest growth driver is adding staff, followed directly by retaining staff.

Team building IS THE WORK of a salon leader.

Talent Match is here to help you learn, grow, stay inspired, and drive results by being better
team builders.

Want to learn how we can help your brand?