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I’m here to help.

I used to be where you are. Stuck in a pattern of thinking with old beliefs that weighed me down and prevented me from getting the things I wanted the most. (A team I loved. A thriving business. Growth!) I used to believe that the schools didn’t work for me, that finding new team members was hard and that it took way too much time. For years, I felt at the mercy of my busy stylists out of fear that they would leave or sometimes I felt held hostage by the ones I knew needed to go but I had no one to replace them with.

Those thoughts left me frustrated and powerless.

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It doesn’t have to be that way

I am a generational leadership expert, strategist, researcher, and motivational speaker all rolled up into one. I love building teams, but I don’t love the heartaches that can come with team building when you feel powerless. I set to work 13 years ago to study the beauty industry workforce so that I could better understand what they wanted from us (salon owners and managers). I used what I found to shape and grow my own team and then I started sharing it with other salon leaders to help them grow their teams. I believe we should only do work we love. 

The people we work around matter.

The culture we work in matters.

You can change your reality.

I can help you get clear on exactly how to build your dream team- a team of people who fit inside the culture of your business, which is unique. I help you build a pipeline of candidates interested in working for your brand so you can fill your salon with people who fit your culture and enable you to love your work more.

The Truth.

There is no quick solution to this problem. It takes intention, a strategy, and work. But not the work you’ve done before where you get stuck, run out of time, or feel like you’ve tried everything, and you still can’t find new staff. We help you get focused. We give you the path and guide you along the process. You’re going to love the discoveries you make about your brand, your business, your team, and yourself as a leader. It is exciting work.

Say goodbye to old beliefs.

Our actions are steered by our beliefs and at Talent Match we know that we have to help you shift your beliefs in order for this to work. Recruiting does not have to take all of your time. Schools can work for you. You can achieve strong year over year growth in your business by adding new staff. And you can have the most amazing team- one you love coming to work with every day.

Are you ready?

I’m on this journey and I’d love to have you on it with me. The freedom and peace you feel when your system is working- it’s incredible. If you want to enrich your thinking around team building join my newsletter. If you’re ready to dive in and start building your recruitment plan, I’m here for you!

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The Canvas Salon & Skin Bar

I traveled for years working in salons all around the US. I worked with teams large and small to help them grow. I got to connect with all layers of the workforce, and they trusted me. 

Owners and stylists alike confided their frustrations in me, often speaking about each other. I saw a large gap that I knew I wanted to close. The only way I knew how was to dig in deeper. I had so many questions.  

So, I got started by asking tough questions of the entire beauty industry. That kicked off my research about the generations we employ and now I conduct an annual survey of our workforce. 

I knew it wasn’t good enough to just have data. I needed the ability to apply that data– I needed a test lab. The solution was to open my own salon and do what you do. 

Years later, that project has yielded me countless hours of hands on experience building a team.  The salon was blessed to be 6-time recipients of the Top 200 Salons in America Award. 

The key element to my success has been knowing my purpose and using it as a guiding light whenever I feel like I’m in the dark. I wanted to build a business where people could build careers they thrived in, so they could live the life of their dreams. 

I spent 9 years building a salon team and had a successful exit in September of 2020.

I know how to make a match and I’d love to help you make one too.

“Working with Stefanie is a wonderful blend of having to stretch out of one’s comfort zone while feeling safe and encouraged! Stefanie meets everyone she works with where they are at, creates a safe space for exploration and learning and encourages constant improvement."
Charnie Benson
Douglas J Companies
Working with Stefanie has allowed my business to grow because of her leadership and ability to help me understand the bigger picture. She has a knack for seeing how things all comes together Which helped me elevate my business.
Amanda Olusanya
James Irving Grooming Salon
“Working with Stefanie is like taking a breath of fresh air. She has helped my team work through roadblocks that were holding them back personally and professionally. We love working with her to help us build our team!”
Jennifer Baudier
Bella Style Salon