Learn the real deal about what stylists want from their salon

We spent many years working in salons all around the US and Canada where the job was to help salons grow their teams and their leadership bench strength.

It was in those years that we found ourselves curious about the divide we saw, felt, and heard about. 

We found ourselves constantly wondering what was causing the “them” vs. “us” mentality? 

It didn’t matter if it was in California or Florida, the conversations and pains were the same. 

Many times, the leadership focus was on “these kids”, or “those millennials”. And the team members would quickly point fingers at their bosses and say the problems were their fault.

The 2020 State of the Industry Hiring Guide

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Salons function like families and sometimes that means there is dysfunction. All around us technology was changing the way our workforce thinks, processes, and interacts. This is still true at this very moment. In the last decade, it has become easier than ever to work for yourself as a stylist by renting a suite. Salon models have shifted, and we’ve seen many single service models pop up. We see mobile salons starting and sadly we even see many salons closing their doors. 

Like many businesses, the team is our ticket to success. In the beauty industry, we believe this is even more true because of the relationship our team members have with their clients. The clients drive the desire to be connected to their hairdresser. This boils down to bad news for us if a stylist decides to leave. The consumer norm is that they would follow.

We could go on, but you know what we’re talking about. We just wanted answers. We wanted in their head to know what they needed, wanted, and desired from us. What did they expect from us on all fronts? Leadership, compensations, marketing, education, recruitment… 

If you want to know more, we'd love to speak at your next team retreat or event you are hosting.

“Working with Talent Match is a wonderful blend of having to stretch out of one’s comfort zone while feeling safe and encouraged! Stefanie meets everyone she works with where they are at, creates a safe space for exploration and learning and encourages constant improvement."
Charnie Benson
Douglas J Companies
“Working with Talent Match has allowed my business to grow because of their leadership and ability to help me understand the bigger picture. They have a knack for seeing how things all comes together Which helped me elevate my business.”
Amanda Olusanya
James Irving Grooming Salon
“Working with Talent Match is like taking a breath of fresh air. They have helped my team work through roadblocks that were holding them back personally and professionally. We love working with them to help us build our team!”
Jennifer Baudier
Bella Style Salon

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