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We want to learn the real deal from service providers about what they want from their salon.


The 2024 State of the Industry Hiring Guide

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We can only thrive as an industry if we understand each other.

The Beauty Workforce Survey is for anyone who works in or owns a salon.

All of these roles can participate.

  • Salon Employees any license type
  • Independent Contractors any license type
  • Salon Owners any salon model
  • Salon Managers any salon model
  • School Educators

This is our 6th annual survey and collectively we have had 80,000 survey responses in the time we have been conducting it.

We share all of the findings for free and we rely on your support to spread the word about the survey and encourage your peers to take it.

We are proud to have the largest beauty workforce data set in the industry.

The opportunity for the industry to continue to evolve is enormous and this beautiful industry is filled with people who want to be the best. 


You can help us help everyone by taking a few minutes to answer some questions. The survey is confidential unless you want to share your email so we can contact you for the next survey year. 


Knowledge is what will allow us to understand each other. This survey gives us a peek behind the curtain into the minds of the professional beauty workforce.

Our business is thriving because we have access to what is really happening across the entire industry thanks to the Talent Match Data. We have relied on it now for years to help guide us. This data is a game changer. We have our entire team participate.
Helen Miller
Scott Miller Salon
The data changes everything. We can make informed decisions as salon owners and stop acting out of fear and reaction.
Heather Manuel
Neatbeat Salon
"The data collected by Talent Match has been invaluable to our salon being innovative. It gives us a glimpse into what the team might be thinking about and lets us pivot before it's even a problem. They love that we change quick for them and it's because we are informed! "
Jennifer Baudier
Bella Style Salon