Salon Recruiting Crash Course

Crash Course: a brief, intensive course of instruction

The #1 way a salon can increase revenue and grow is by adding service providers.
The #1 problem salons face today is hiring service providers. 

If salons can’t hire, then they are significantly impacting their ability to grow. Even salons that feel good about their current team size are putting their businesses at risk if they don’t have a strategy for attracting future recruits to keep a solid pipeline built. 

Recruiting = Marketing 101

What Makes Us Different

Recruiting is a study in marketing 101, but to be really good at salon recruiting, you to have to understand the needs and wants of today’s hairdressers. 

Talent Match is the only salon consulting company in the beauty industry with data directly from the workforce telling us what they want. 

Feeling Stuck When it Comes to Recruiting?

At Talent Match we know that some salons have some kind of plan for recruiting, but maybe it just needs refined a bit. You might have had some hiring success in the past and you feel like you need a refresh, some inspiration, or a new structure to follow. Or maybe you’re a salon that feels like you’re in a time crunch and you need to move quickly to stop the bleeding. 

So, what is the crash course?

The Salon Recruiting Crash Course is a 6-session salon recruiting education series that helps salon owners and salon recruiters create their stylist recruiting strategy and get to work quickly.

It’s a go-at-your-own-pace learning experience that gives you access to dive into the work and start implementing. 

What You Will Learn



Designing a Dream Culture
The first session is all about gaining clarity on what you wish your salon culture was and learning about what the data tells us stylists want. You can’t start building a recruiting strategy for your salon until you’re clear on these two things.



Auditing Your Culture
The second session is a deep dive into finding the gaps between where you want/need to be and where you actually are. The tools and lessons in the program help you find clarity in your opportunity areas.



Crafting Your Story
Recruiting is a function of marketing and the Salon Recruiting Crash Course helps you get clear on the story you have to tell so you can start telling it. The right story is key to attracting the best talent for your salon brand.



Auditing your Digital Perception
Thanks to the data, we are crystal clear on where today’s workforce spends their time researching you. In the fourth session, you’ll be back in audit mode to understand what your current outbound story looks like so that you can refine it and start attracting candidates.



Telling your Story
Recruiting = marketing. We can’t say it enough, but like any good marketing strategy, the return you get from your investment is dependent upon being in the right channel to reach your audience. We go into the facts about where your audience is learning about you- per the data- and help you think differently about how to craft your story in those channels.



Start Hiring
Once your outbound storytelling is solid and your stylist’s leads start coming in you have to be ready to capture them. This means that you need sound hiring practices, which include everything from your job posting and interview questions to your onboarding process. The final session helps you get these elements aligned with your story, so your candidates don’t have any surprises once they start interacting with your team.

This series comes with a few bonuses too!

The best bonus? You get access to 4 quarterly Salon Recruiting Mastermind Sessions with Stefanie Fox where you can come and listen, learn, or ask questions about salon recruiting.

Job Post

Onboarding for
Success Checklist

“Finding an Experienced Stylist” Tip Sheet

6 sessions + 3 bonus tools
+ 4 mastermind sessions for $499

You can sign up anytime and get started right away.
Happy Recruiting! 

PS: If you are looking for a more collaborative learning environment, a higher level of support, and access for more of your team you should check out our Salon Recruiting Bootcamp.

A quick recap of everything you get


Access for 1 user (salon manager or salon owner)


Instant access to 6 video sessions


12 Worksheets and Activities


3 Bonus Tools (Job Post Template, Onboarding for Success Checklist, & Finding Experienced Stylist Tip Sheet)


4 Live Mastermind Sessions

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Money Back Guarantee
We love the beauty industry and we are here to help salons succeed.

When you sign up for our Salon Recruiting Crash Course, you are covered by our 14-day money-back guarantee. If you complete the first two sessions and end up feeling like this program isn’t for you we’ll refund your money in full. Just provide us with copies of your completed coursework to show us you put in the effort but discovered the program wasn’t a fit and we’ll get your money back to you.
No questions asked.

Hey. I'm Stef.

I help salon owners convert their team’s culture story into a recruiting magnet.

I’ve spent 20 years in the beauty industry and every year I find myself more obsessed with asking big questions and pushing the boundaries of possibilities to find solutions.

I do this work through an abundance of research, time investment, and question-asking. I’m a self-proclaimed data nerd who likes to use facts and feelings to find the best solutions.

In case you have some questions..
We have answers.

The time you spend in class. The depth of learning. The number of participants who gain access. The style of learning. The accountability.

Any salon can take the Crash Course but it’s best for the salon who is smaller and has a limited budget to invest at the moment.

It’s also great for a salon owner who can’t dedicate 2 hours a week to the full Bootcamp but needs to get started hiring.

The program runs for 6 weeks and is on demand. That means as soon as you enroll content will be released each week for 6 weeks.

The weekly modules take up to 1 hour per week to listen to and homework for each module takes between 30 minutes – 2 hours each week.

The Crash Course is a $499 investment for the on-demand virtual 6-week course + the bonuses and masterminds.