We would love to help you change your team building story. We want you to get better at finding and keeping the right talent because we know both are directly related to your growth ability as a brand.

The average beauty industry service professional stays at a salon 2.8 yearsthat isn’t good enough.

What does it look like to work with us?




Step 1 is a Brand Analysis.

We help you answer important questions about your culture by learning about your current brand and team reality. We conduct research with your team and stakeholders to learn about their problems, attitudes, beliefs, needs, and behaviors. Then we do an external analysis of your brand’s digital presence to see what people outside of your brand know and think about its culture. We use our industry data points to cross reference and find your gaps.

What you get from us is a report of findings on the gaps that are hurting your recruitment efforts. This analysis can also be tailored to capture the things hurting your retention efforts.

Some clients take this ROF and get to work on their own. Others want more support. We want to always honor your budget and your needs, and our services can accommodate you.

Step 2 : Strategic Planning.

We take the gaps discovered in the report of findings and plug in proven solutions that you can use to close the gaps on your team-building, including your recruitment and retention funnels.

Some clients take this SP and get to work on their own. Others want more support. We want to always honor your budget and your needs, and our services can accommodate you. 

Step 3: For the teams that want our support we have a variety of execution services.

Storytelling Services: We dive into what we know about your brand and work with you to craft your best culture story. We help you create all of the outbound language you use to describe your team and culture in the digital world- this work helps you tell the world of future candidates who you are so you start attracting people who already know they want to work for you before they even have an interview. 

Candidate management Services: We design job descriptions and craft your round 1 interview questions. It is essential that a person’s first and second interaction with your brand live up to who you really are. These are customized to your brand’s story and help ensure you attract the right people.


of today’s candidates expect an interview within 

48 hours

of submitting a resume.

(Talent Match LLC, 2018 Cosmetology Workforce survey)

Are you moving that quickly?

Leadership Development Services

It doesn’t matter what research you read, you will always find the same conclusion- your leadership is the #1 thing that makes or breaks a person’s commitment to your business. We help the leaders who run your business develop the skills and processes to keep today’s workforce. This includes coaching services, seminars, and retreats.

Leadership Coaching Package: If any of these are your reality then this package is a fit for your business.

– You are the primary person responsible for giving your other leaders feedback, but you don’t feel comfortable doing it

– You’re too busy to help keep them focused and on track

– Your style of feedback isn’t well received

– You just want to feel confident your leaders feel more supported


Coming soon: The Leadership Practice Coaching Club- a monthly subscription you can enroll your leadership staff in that will help them stay focused, committed, and confident. It takes the pressure off of you and they know you care about their development.

All packages can be shared. Want to know more? Contact me and share your interest in the comments section!

Tired of recruiting feeling so hard?

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