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Team building lives at the top of our challenge list as salon owners.


The more you love your team, the more you love your work.

What if you could get better at recruiting team members who fit your brands vibe? Your culture? You know, the ones who just feel like a natural fit- and who ultimately stick around longer?

In the pre-pandemic world, the hardest part of team building was finding new
staff members – keeping those staff members came in a close second. 

The two team building difficulties now sit neck and neck, as salons everywhere have seen the pandemic act as a catalyst to some of our industries preexisting staffing challenges.

If you need some support in building your team- whether it is recruiting new staff or keeping the existing ones- join one of our Salon Leader Team Building Masterminds.

Why: We’ll help you find clarity on what to consider when it comes to finding the best team members for your business- including how to find the right #tribe to help you thrive. The culture of your business is an essential element to your success, and you need to attract the right people into it.

What: 1 hour mastermind with other beauty leaders where you can come to ask questions, learn, and dig deep to discover how to recruit and retain staff despite today’s disruptions.

The discussions are always evolving and are led by the needs of the participants. The sessions are facilitated by Stefanie- she drops in some wisdom, advice, and a few truth bombs but you get to bring your fears, ideas, questions, and concerns.
The things you don’t know where else to ask them… you can ask them here. *mastermind conversations are not recorded for confidentiality reasons. All participants commit to maintaining the privacy of the conversation.

When: The last Monday of every month from 12-1pm EST. Sign up fee of $49

I traveled for years working in salons all around the US. I worked with teams large and small to help them grow. I got to connect with all layers of the workforce, and they trusted me. 

Owners and stylists alike confided their frustrations in me, often speaking about each other. I saw a large gap that I knew I wanted to close. The only way I knew how was to dig in deeper.

Which is why I started Talent Match, and why I’d like to help you as a Salon Leader to create a salon culture and grow your team. I invite you to join me on the last Monday of the month to connect and dive deep with other industry professionals. You never know how you might grow!

Join me!
Stefanie Fox Jackson