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Being Vulnerable as a Leader in Your Salon
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Have you ever asked a mentor or leader for feedback?

If so, then you probably remember the way you reacted. You likely hesitated and then moved on to share some positive reinforcement. If you were feeling extra brave, you might have gone on to add a little feedback sandwich. “This is good BUT_______ could be better.” 

Giving feedback to a leader feels risky, so oftentimes our teams don’t say anything.

How can we cultivate an environment inside of our salon that lets the team give you feedback? 

As a salon owner or salon leader, I know that you are aware of how valuable the feedback from your team is.

I also know that we oftentimes get too busy to ask, we’re too nervous to ask, or we ask, and they don’t say.

These three scenarios leave us in a place where we are stuck and not growing into our best potential as a leader.

If you want to step into the place of vulnerability as a leader then these are my suggestions for actually getting your team to open up. 

  1. Make your question opened ended. You can try something like 
    • “I really want to continue to grow as a leader and your feedback is very valuable to me. Is there anything I could be doing differently or better?”
    • “I’m getting prepared for 2022 and I want to focus on my growth as a leader. Your feedback on where you think I could improve would be invaluable to me.”
  1. Ask a scenario specific question. Sometimes if you are specific about a situation, it makes it easier for people to focus on feedback that doesn’t feel so broad. 
    • I noticed that the team has been struggling to hit their goal at the end of each month. I am wondering if there is anything I could be doing differently to help make it smoother for you guys. 
    • Our team holiday party seemed like a huge success to me. While it’s still fresh in our minds would you share what you enjoyed the most and anything you would like to see different next year.
    • I know that schedule flexibility is important to you, and I would like your feedback on how you’d like to see us accommodate the changes needs. Is there something you see that we could do differently to make it work for everyone? 
  1. Get specific on an area you know you need to improve.
    • I know that I can come across as really direct when I give feedback at coaching sessions. I would like to ensure I come across with my real intention – which is to support and help you hit your goals. Can you share some feedback with me on how I might do that best when talking with you? 
  1. Ask the hard question. The one that is not an easy ask but hearing an honest answer to it can be one of the most valuable gifts someone gives you. 
    • Please tell me the thing you think I don’t want to hear.

As we get prepared to launch into 2022, I want to invite you to get vulnerable with your team.

Start with people you trust and feel safe with so that you can flex your vulnerability muscle

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