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Avoiding Burnout as a Salon Leader
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When we have a leadership role, we run hard most of the time.

We are responsible and accountable for the performance of our entire team. Not only that, but we also love our team. We find ourselves invested in their personal and professional lives. We pour out ALL THE TIME.

That funnel rarely tips back the other way though. We rarely find ourselves being poured into by our team members.

This is the reality of the owner and the managers in a salon business. 

I’m sure if you have a moment where your team made you feel incredible- it sticks out in your mind. This is not because your team is not grateful. This is not because your team is bad. This is not because your team doesn’t love you

This is simply the natural order of things. Leaders pour out and rarely get poured into.

Unless you are the type of leader who gets really intentional about seeking out sources. 

I want to invite you to be the salon leader who seeks out filling your own cup. The one who has the self-awareness to know that you are feeling a bit depleted before you actually hit empty. 

I want to invite you to have this awareness for your leadership team and teach them these same skills.

  1. Learn to recognize when you are not feeling at your best because you’ve poured out too much
  2. Learn to seek things that refill you

Our staff leaves us because of bad leadership. This is true in every industry. I don’t believe there are bad leaders in the salon industry- I’ve met too many of you to think your hearts aren’t in the best place. 

But I do believe there are tired, overwhelmed, burnt-out leaders. Ones whose cups are not full which means they can’t possibly show up how they want to. 

Let’s make 2022 the year you commit to showing up as your best because you take ownership over what to do for yourself when you are not at your best. 

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