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How to Build Relationships With Salon Schools
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Do you remember who your first mentor was when you joined the beauty industry? The first person you were inspired by. In awe of? The person who you wanted to “grow up” and be just like?

I do. His name was Jose, and he was a cutting instructor at the Aveda Institute I attended. He was incredibly talented, and I wanted to be just like him. I remember him talking about taking an educational course with Vidal Sassoon and I knew I needed to do that too.

He helped me understand great quality haircutting from day one. And to this day I am forever thankful for that! 

If you ask anyone in the beauty industry who their first mentor is I guarantee you that over half of the people will name an instructor or advisor from their school program.

This isn’t surprising because for many of us it’s the first place we meet experts in the industry. This is the reason that you are building relationships with the staff at your local beauty schools is ESSENTIAL to your recruiting success.

You have heard me say before that we live in a busy, cluttered, and distracted world. Stylists feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a salon to work in, just like you feel overwhelmed finding the right talent.

A relationship with the staff at your local beauty schools can be your greatest resource.

These are the people who have earned the trust of the students you are hoping to recruit so it is shame to imagine that they don’t know enough about your brand to make a warm referral for you. 

I don’t need to preach the power of a warm referral to you because you work in the beauty industry. But I will remind you that it is the #1-way stylist say they find their jobs and we know it’s the #1-way clients find a salon. Why shouldn’t it be the number open way a student finds their job? 

These are my top recommendations for connecting with school staff

  1. Drop in with some food! Take them some cookies or send them lunch and stop in to say hello. Take a one-page sheet about your brand with you that you can leave behind for them to learn more about you.
  2. Request a time to come in and give a presentation to the instructors.
  3. Send a zoom video if a live date won’ t work 
  4. Ask them the best way to let them know you are hiring
  5. Stay connected so they don’t forget about you! 

This is really all about nurturing the relationship. And don’t forget that staff changes in the schools, so you’ll need to stay in touch regularly and repeat the steps above! 

Happy Recruiting! 

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