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How to Be Consistent in Your Salon Recruiting
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I love this definition of consistency:

The quality or fact of staying the same at different times

It embodies exactly what we mean at Talent Match when we say you need to get consistent with your salon’s recruitment messaging. 

Whether you think you are hiring right now or not- you NEED consistent messaging going out about your brand. RIGHT NOW.

Building a pipeline for recruiting is a process. In our experience, we believe it is 6-9 months of consistency before you start to feel the return of your efforts.

The return shows up in two ways.

  1. You see more applicants coming into your business 
  2. You recognize immediately that the quality of your applicants is different.

You hear them say things like: 

“I saw the reel you posted on Instagram of your team at a holiday party- they looked so friendly & fun.”

“I loved the job description you posted because it felt like the exact vision I had in mind for my perfect salon”

Get consistent with your salon’s recruitment messaging so that you can enjoy the benefits of the right recruits showing up.

When you get a better candidate, you will also get higher output from that candidate.

Hiring is strategic.

Don’t just hire anyone. Don’t just interview anyone.

Get dialed in and find the best people for your brand so you can lessen your stress in this war on talent.

If you want help with your story or your strategy, make sure you are following me at Stef_Fox on Instagram.

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