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Finding talent in 2020
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When it comes to hiring, every salon owner wants the same thing. To hire someone who fits their salon’s culture and wants to build a career in their business, not just stay for a year or two and move one.

The problem is that our hiring practices have not caught up with the realities of 2020. We live in a world that is more busy, cluttered, and distracted than ever.

If you go back to 2017, the primary headache salon owners faced was keeping staff from leaving for booth rental. Today, the primary staffing problem is that salon owners can’t find the staff.

The top two reasons this might be your reality:

  1. Your future staff doesn’t even know you exist
  2. Your future staff has no idea you’re their best match

We are employing people today who are used to finding everything at the click of a button, in a matter of seconds.

How are you ensuring that when they are searching salons you come up?

You should already be doing this so that clients can find you, but you’ve got to apply the logic to helping staff find you as well. Once they do find you, what can they easily find out about your team? Can they get a quick pulse on your culture? The leader style inside the business?

If they spent less than a minute (which is generous) looking at your brand, is anything showing up helping applicants “opt in”? Would they be thinking- I need to know more?

Check it out for yourself.

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