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How Has Hiring Changed For Salons in the Last 5 Years?
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The biggest change in salon hiring in the last 5 years?

The power scales have tipped. It is no longer the employer who holds the cards when it comes to hiring.

This might feel overwhelming or even frustrating to you as a salon owner or salon leader, but I’d like to invite you to see the positive in it.

Now that we are the ones hoping a candidate accepts our offer – when it used to be they were hoping we’d offer – We have the opportunity to spend our time ONLY with candidates who are actually the right fit.

When you get better at telling your culture story, you get better applicants.

The people who actually fit into your brand well. 

When you get better at understanding what your team values and their vibe, you can communicate that more powerfully through your job descriptions and in your interview process.

Content based on your culture story builds interest and connection from the employee who it aligns with.

It is this kind of candidate that allows you to swing those power scales back to a place where they are praying you send them an offer. 

The end game of recruiting is to attract the best candidate for your business.

The power scales tipping in the last 5 years and the emotions they have evoked in us are simply an invitation to work differently. 

If you want help uncovering your culture story and recruiting the right talent for your business, let’s connect. 

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