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How to Incorporate Storytelling Into Your Salon Recruiting Strategy
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Recruiting today for salons is a function of marketing.

We have to tell a story that appeals to our future workforce just like we tell a story to appeal to our future clients.

Very similar rules apply when you think about recruitment marketing for your salon.

  1. The content you post should have a consistent message to it
  2. The frequency you share that content should be consistent

When you consider what to share, Talent Match recommends you spend some time doing a little discovery work on your story.

We invite salon owners to ask themselves questions to determine the real truth inside of your culture. However, culture is not the only important element of the story. You should also be considering the criteria you bring to the table. 

Criteria includes things like:

  • What does the salons vacation policy look like?
  • How does the salon decide on its staff schedule?
  • What does the new hire training include?
  • How do salon leaders “lead” and give feedback?
  • How much money can a stylist earn? 

Once you feel confident in the culture and criteria elements of your story you need to make a plan for telling it.

Consistently matters here too.

If a candidate is scrolling on your Instagram and does not see any team-related content in the first 15 seconds you are likely going to lose them. We have a limited attention span because we are all so inundated with information.

If you are still only posting team content when you are hiring- you’ll lose out on great candidates. 

Get consistent with the message you have to share and when you are planning to share it. 

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