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Instagram Insights: Highlight Your Salon’s Leadership and Grow!
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I’ve been busy reviewing all the data from the 2024 Beauty Workforce Survey, and one notable finding is that leadership has moved from the 5th to the 4th most important reason for talent when choosing where to work. This means you are now the 4th reason why talent picks a salon, which is both huge and exciting! However, it’s also an opportunity to ensure you are at the level you need to be.

As a lifelong advocate of self-development, I seek it constantly through books, coaches, therapists, and peers. You might call me an education junkie because I always want to be better. I know most salon leaders feel the same way. However, in salon leadership, educational opportunities often fall short. There aren’t many places dedicated to helping salon leaders grow. We often have to look outside the beauty industry, which is great, but it’s also nice to find resources within our field.

Right now, the best place to find leadership content is typically at events like Serious Business. They nail it every year, leaving me inspired. However, I decided long ago that I wanted to create a retreat that would help salon leaders recharge without just listening to speakers and leaving with an overwhelming notebook of notes—because I rarely want to open them afterward. That can’t just be me, right?

Next weekend is my first-ever Salon Leadership Retreat in Columbus, Ohio, at BASEONE. I can’t wait for this experience because it’s been a dream of mine for years—a bucket list item I’m ready to check off! This retreat is designed not just for you but also for those you promote into leadership roles, providing them with development and inspiration.

If you didn’t get tickets, you can still find inspiration in some of our topic areas and do a little digging on your own. And plan to join us next year! Here are the topics we felt were crucial for salon leaders to refuel and be ready to serve their teams:

  1. Visioning: Do you know where you are going?
  2. Fear Release: Do you know how to overcome obstacles in your way?
  3. Emotional Intelligence: Are you equipped to handle situations effectively as a leader?
  4. Journaling: Do you have the skill of reflection?
  5. Execution: Can you implement what you learn?
  6. Creative Expression: Do you know how to seek inspiration?
  7. Networking: Do you have a peer network you can lean into?

These are the seven focus areas I recommend for leaders and for those who lead your teams. 

When it comes to using this as a tool to recruit, think about how to share these stories with the world. How can the things you do, think, and believe be showcased on Instagram? Give future talent and clients a peek behind the curtain to know the leaders inside your salon, and watch what happens!

Here are some tips to effectively share your leadership stories on Instagram:

  1. Highlight Leader Profiles: Create posts and stories that introduce your salon leaders. Share their backgrounds, philosophies, and what they bring to the team. Use engaging visuals and personal anecdotes to make these profiles relatable and inspiring.
  2. Showcase Team Activities: Share behind-the-scenes content of team meetings, training sessions, and events. Show how you invest in your team’s growth and development. Highlight any workshops, retreats, or special events that focus on leadership.
  3. Share Success Stories: Post testimonials and success stories from your team members. Showcase how leadership within the salon has positively impacted their careers and personal growth. Use video clips or carousel posts to share their journeys.
  4. Feature Day-in-the-Life Content: Create day-in-the-life posts or stories featuring your salon leaders. Show their daily routines, interactions with the team, and how they embody the salon’s values. This provides an authentic glimpse into your salon’s culture.
  5. Post Inspirational Content: Share quotes, tips, and insights related to leadership and personal growth. Create visually appealing graphics or videos that reflect your salon’s ethos and the importance of strong leadership.
  6. Engage with Followers: Use Instagram’s interactive features like polls, Q&A sessions, and live videos to engage with your audience. Encourage your followers to ask questions about leadership, your salon’s culture, and career opportunities.
  7. Leverage User-Generated Content: Encourage your team members to share their own experiences and tag your salon. Repost their content to showcase diverse perspectives and highlight the strong community within your salon.

By sharing these stories and insights on Instagram, you create a compelling narrative that attracts talent and clients who resonate with your salon’s values and leadership. Let’s continue to grow and inspire our industry together!

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