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Memorial Day Greetings! Plus Addressing Salon Coaching Myths
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Happy Memorial Day. I hope that everyone takes a moment today in remembrance of the American soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for our freedoms.

This week I want to address something I hear in beauty quite often. “Most salon coaches are failed salon owners.” Many salon owners aspire to become salon coaches, and I love that! Who better to offer wisdom than those of us who have been through it? Peer-to-peer coaching is fantastic. However, being a great coach requires a specific skill set and a track record of success.

Unfortunately, in the beauty industry, there’s a recurring theme: “I’m not making it financially in my salon, so I’ll earn money by coaching others.” This saddens me because it tarnishes the entire industry. It’s why I’m so passionate about having partnerships at Talent Match with coaches I know have achieved proven success. We refer to people we know can bring value to a salon. This is also why I’m passionate about the idea that salon coaches should narrow their focus and specialize in specific areas. No coach can solve all of a salon’s problems.

For instance, I am a salon coach specializing in team building through marketing. This was an area I excelled in. However, I always hired a coach and business advisor to handle my finances. I understood my finances, but for larger projects, I wanted a second set of eyes. I also had a coach to help with my mindset as a leader, because leaders can fall into funks and miss things.

You can be a salon owner with a desire to coach without mastering every aspect of your business. No one nails every part. But don’t offer coaching in everything—get specific.

I understand that not every salon owner wants to coach, and most don’t have a platform to share their message. For those of you with valuable knowledge to share but no platform or desire to create one, I have an opportunity.

Matchable, my recruiting software, is launching an education arm called Matchable Campus. This free, peer-to-peer salon resource allows salon leaders to share best practices and tips. We’ll be sharing these tips as short video clips where you give advice on one specific thing. Think, “If I knew then what I know now, I would have…”

Would you be interested in sharing a video on Matchable Campus to support other salon owners in some aspect of salon business? We have the following categories:

  • Salon Operations
  • Salon Leadership
  • Salon Recruiting
  • Salon Marketing
  • Salon Finances
  • Salon Education
  • Salon Growth
  • Salon Profitability
  • Salon Technology

We are starting this project, and you can be part of the kickoff if you’d like. All you have to do is answer a few questions on this form, and we’ll be in touch.

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