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A Mindset Shift Around Hiring
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The new(ish) employee demands and changing expectations can feel overwhelming.

Whether it is the desire for no dress code and you’re struggling with the lack of professional attire or the requests to cut some of their evening and weekend hours, you are probably feeling overwhelmed.

These changes can feel overwhelming because they take away elements of our control. Control that we feel is necessary to plan and run a successful salon business.

At Talent Match we want to invite you into a new mindset around a human-centered strategy.

We are an industry that, for years has benefited from the strength of our relationships. We know, at our core, how valuable our people are.

For years we could see their value and place some control over their actions. We thought it was that control that enabled us to be successful in business.

The truth is your people are what enable you to be successful.

Let’s explore what it takes to focus on a human-centered strategy.

1. A deep knowing that people’s lives outside of work matter as much, if not more than their lives inside of work.

2. A strong respect for how much an artist loves their craft and its meaning in their life.

3. A complete awareness of the value of mental health; and a knowing that some days people are not at their best.

4. A willingness to be flexible, ask questions and hold high standards for excellence.

A human-centered strategy lets you give people the space to build their careers within and around the goals of the salon.

If working weekends is not their jam because their nonwork life matters, that’s okay. Dial it down to the level of possibilities and work with them on how to achieve their financial goals with the schedule they want. Then get to work building and recruiting a team that fills in all the spaces you have available in your business.

Happy Recruiting!

Your Salon Recruiting Pros

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