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People Analytics..a new field that should matter to you as a salon owner
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Last week I went to a People Analytics meetup in Columbus, Oh. 

You know how much I adore diving into data, especially when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of the beauty industry. So, when a friend tipped me off about an event on LinkedIn, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

Let me tell you, it was mind-blowing.

Here’s what struck me:

People Analytics, at its core, is about delving into candidate and employee issues through data analysis, figuring out how they impact business goals, and assessing the effectiveness of HR initiatives.

In an ideal world, people analytics leads us to make better, data-driven decisions. And that’s exactly what the Beauty Workforce Survey is all about. By gathering data, we’re aiming to provide salon owners like you with insights into candidate and employee concerns, helping you make a real impact on your business.

This is where things get exciting for me. With a treasure trove of data from the Beauty Workforce Survey, paired with the launch of Matchable, we’re now poised to access real-time insights into our workforce. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and start using this tool to tackle the real challenges facing the beauty industry.

If you haven’t caught wind of Matchable yet and you’re wondering what all the buzz is about, let me fill you in. Matchable is my brainchild, designed specifically for salon owners and stylists to streamline the process of finding the perfect match for each other.

Let’s face it, you’re busy, and talent these days is eager and inquisitive, thanks to the wonders of social media and growing up in a digital era. That means both parties simply want to know upfront if the other is worth investing time in.

Have you ever longed to know before an interview whether a candidate is truly worth that hour of your time?

Perhaps you’ve dreaded the thought of wasting time on interviews that lead nowhere. 

Well, Matchable is here to change the game. Our algorithm assesses whether you and a potential candidate are a good fit even before you step into an interview. Then, we present you with the best matches.

We gauge fit based on what we know talent values most: growth, culture, flexibility, education, and leadership, along with your responses to assessment questions in these areas.

Launching software is a whole new ball game for me. It’s my first time at bat, so to speak, but with incredible advisors by my side, I feel more than prepared to take on the challenge. Let me tell you, the product itself is not only beautiful but also intuitive, tailor-made for salon owners like you.

We’re currently entering our testing phase. This phase is all about fine-tuning our product with feedback from salons like yours. We’re committed to getting it right and truly value your input every step of the way.

As we embark on this exciting journey, I’ll be diligently assessing the key challenges we aim to address with the power of people analytics data. 

Right at the top of my agenda is tackling the issue of long-term retention with employees. 

Currently, our industry sees an average retention rate of 2.8 years with new talent in salons. My goal is to leverage our software to delve into real-time people analytics data, pinpointing precisely what factors could extend a stylist’s tenure beyond this average. And rest assured, once I’ve unearthed these insights, I’ll be sharing them with you, just as I do with the Talent Match Beauty Workforce data.

I’m passionate about gathering and disseminating this data because I genuinely believe it’s what you all need. And I offer it freely because this is my calling—to tackle significant challenges within the beauty industry. If you ever find yourself grappling with recruitment and retention issues of your own, remember that it’s what we specialize in at Talent Match through our education initiatives. All our educational resources are rooted in our data, and we would love to help you like we have helped so many other salons. 

You can learn more here. 

If you’re curious about Matchable stay connected with us on Instagram to stay updated and uncover what sets Matchable apart, as well as to learn when we’ll be rolling out in your area.

If you’re ready to elevate your salon’s social media presence from ordinary to extraordinary, let’s have a chat. Just reply to this email and I can help you understand which Talent Match program is best for you. 

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