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I am proposing that you make your upcoming year the year of investing in yourself as a leader.

Attend events, read books, hire a coach, help your leaders get better at feedback, show more appreciation and gratitude.

Seriously take on everything you can when it comes to being a stronger leader inside of your salon. 

Why am I encouraging you to this level of deep dive when there are always a million other responsibilities on your plate?

Well, the simple answer is that when talent is choosing a salon to work in, they tell us that the #2 most important thing is the team.

If we break that down further and ask ourselves “What does that mean?”, we can create a pretty comprehensive list of what team stands for:

  • What are the shared values?
  • What is the team’s vibe?
  • How does the team treat each other?
  • Does the team hang out of work or just at work?
  • What is the team’s relationship to leadership?
  • How does the team have fun together?

I could go on and on, but you get the gist.

Every single salon team will answer these questions differently but there is one truth that applies to every salon no matter how you answer the questions. 

A salon’s culture is directly related to the salon’s leadership. 

The salon culture is a living breathing thing and how the leader shows up in it will greatly impact how positive and happy it is. I might even say how healthy it is!

The licensed professionals in the beauty industry have more options than ever before when it comes to their career paths and that means you need a compelling value proposition to entice someone to work for you and STAY.

On average, a Stylist stays at a salon for 2.8 years.

That is not a good figure to be facing if you own a salon business because you lose revenue every time you lose staff.

This next year should continue to be a year where you focus on driving your revenue through adding staff and leveling up your leadership team so you can keep the staff. 

If you’d like a free tool to help you get into the heads of your current team and take a temperature, check on how they feel about the salon team vibe + give you some great content to start sharing that tory then be sure to check out the free resource section on the Talent Match website and download our Culture Discovery Tool.

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