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Prioritize Transparency on Your Website Enhance Salon Recruitment Efforts:
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When it comes to recruiting for your salon, there’s no shortage of tasks that demand your time and energy. But amidst the hustle, there’s a simple yet powerful way to attract more applicants: be transparent on your website.

Think about it: when someone discovers your salon on Instagram, they’re intrigued. They want to know more, so they head straight to your website. That’s where you have a golden opportunity to give them all the info they need.

Let’s focus on what matters most to potential hires: growth. How much do we really tell them about growth opportunities? We’re talking about personal development, honing their skills, earning more, moving up the career ladder, knowing what it takes to lead—basically, answering the question, “How can I grow here?”

As someone who’s in charge of a salon and wants to attract the best talent, it’s time to get personal with your messaging. Show them you’re all about growth and development. Update your website to reflect that, and watch as more applicants come knocking on your door.

One common oversight I notice among salons, even those committed to transparency, is their insistence on requiring a resume upload in their application process. The reality is that stylists frequently operate from their mobile devices, where they don’t typically have easy access to their resumes. Losing their interest at this point could mean losing them for good. Consider how often you’ve abandoned an online shopping cart for various reasons and never returned. Don’t fall into this trap. Streamline your application process by focusing on a few essential questions that yield valuable information, and eliminate the requirement for a resume upload. You can always request it later, once you’ve initiated contact for the next stage.

Recruiting gets easier with just a few small steps. Make a plan to tackle your website this month.

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