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Recruiting Tools Package

If you have not completed the Recruiting Magic Package this is your package. 


Let's talk! I want to hear all about you, your team, and your recruitment struggles. This is $99 - and if we work together it comes off the cost of your Recruitment Tools Package.

Salon Culture Assessment

When I ask you what your teams magic is do you feel a little tounge tied? I'll provide a culture assessmetn for your team and help you sort through the highlight so that you can pull out the sweet spots that will help you attract dream team members. We need these insights to craft your interview questions.

Interview Questions

I'll give you 5 must ask interview questions based on your Salon Culture Assessment results + i'll provide you with a template to create other custom questions that are unique to your business. These questions will give you confidence in your interview process and let you feel excited about finding the perfect candidates for your brand.

Job Descriptions

99% of today's job descriptions are incredibly boring. A job description might be a candidate's first interaction with your brand so it is essential that it grab their attention and highlight all of your magic. You need to spice it up so that you stand out! I'll provide you with 2 job descriptions and a framework you can use to build your own additional descriptions.

Bonus: You’ll receive a link to assess your Salon Culture in the future with directions for how to update your Interview questions and job description to stay relevant.