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The Pathway to Application: Your Salon Team’s Instagram Pages
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In the 2021 Workforce State of the Industry Hiring Guide, our salon talent tells us that one of the places they go to find out more about your salon brand is your team’s Instagram pages. This is not surprising when you consider that the thing they care the most about is a “team that feels like family”. 

They are using Instagram to “checkout” that family and see if it’s the type of family they believe they want to work with.

I asked them what they were looking for and these are some of the responses.

“I want to see how good they are at the craft…especially if they are going to be training me.”

“I want to see if they look like the kind of people who I’d vibe with.”

“I want to see if I like the style of work, they put out… the type of client work they do…”

“I want to see if they look happy.”

Your future team is deciding if they should work for you based in part on what they find on your existing team’s Instagram pages.

I advise you to do a few things to ensure this is a successful exploration of your brand.

  1. Provide your team with Instagram education so that they can maximize the power of their Instagram for both attracting new clients into the salon and telling the culture story of the team.
  2. Create goals for the number of photos your team posts each week on Instagram- tie it to a compensation metric since this is a source of new clients and staff for you!
  3. Help the team create a linktree account that easily has a “work with me” or “join my team” link so that a new applicant can apply straight off of the IG page of your employee.
  4. Add links to your website on the team bio section that make it easy for a potential candidate to find the Instagram pages of your staff.

The name of the game for recruiting is:

  1. Are you easy to find?
  2. Is it easy to learn more?
  3. Is it easy to get connected?

Help your team help you with recruiting by ensuring their IG pages meet the criteria above. 

Happy Recruiting!

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