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Leverage Your Leadership As A Recruiting Tool
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Leadership impacts recruiting talent – not just retaining talent.

It is no secret that the top reason employees leave a business is because they don’t like their management or leader. This data is clearly showcased in reports conducted by the Gallup Organization and in the 2021 State of the Industry Workforce Report conducted by Talent Match. If they don’t like the leaders, they are not hanging around. 

But how does leadership impact our ability to recruit people into our business in the first place?

At Talent Match, we believe there are two primary ways your leadership impacts recruiting. 

  1. It is listed as the #2 thing a candidate wants to be able to determine in their interview. “Does this salon have leadership I feel like I’ll like?
  2. Your reputation as a leader will make or break the satisfaction of your team. Additionally, team members who are your primary referral source for attracting experienced stylists. 

Let’s talk about the interview experience and ensuring that candidates can get a sense of you, the leader.

Ask yourself how you work to build rapport with a candidate before you kick off the interview.

Do you take a few minutes to chat before you get straight to business? Hint: You should.

Help the candidate feel a little more at ease in their interview experience so you get a real representation of who they are. And so that they’ll leave the interview thinking “I could work for that person!”.

In today’s talent market where salons everywhere are feeling like there is a talent shortage, you need to be leveraging your existing staff to help you acquire experienced stylists to bring to your team.

These team members will happily tell their friends to come work in a salon where they feel they have leadership that cares for them and helps them grow.

It doesn’t hurt to consider a referral program for your recruiting efforts either. Ask yourself, “How can I incentivize my existing staff to invite their friends in for an interview?”

It’s easy to believe that what happens inside of your business with your leadership is only impacting your existing team – but it’s just not true.

Now is the time to level up your leadership skill set and ensure you have those leader layers and leadership values people love.

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