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Surveying your Salon Team
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We are kicking off a brand-new year and there is no better time to dive in and refine or enhance our team culture. 

If you are focused this year on growing your team then it is imperative that you have an accurate story to tell about them. 

  1. What does your team value collectively?
  2. What is the vibe of your business amongst your staff?
  3. What behaviors, events, or actions do you see your team do that tell you the values are true? 

These are three questions you need to find answers to so that you can start sharing your team story in your Recruitment Marketing campaigns.

If you think of these three areas as your end in mind you can craft questions that will allow you to find the answers to them.

For example: if you want to know about the vibe among your team as this question.

  • Use 3 words to describe how mornings feel at the salon when everyone is getting ready for the day? 

For each of the three outcomes above, you should create 2-3 questions. This gives you an easy to answer survey from a time perspective and will provide you deep insight into who your team is- their magic. 

It is not enough to say we know our team values because they have been written down in the handbook. It’s not even enough to say that you know them because you did this activity last year. 

Teams change. People come and go. The people on your team grow and evolve.

Surveying your team should be an annual activity that gives you fresh insight and inspiration into the story you have to tell.

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