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Are you finding yourself stuck at a revenue plateau or striving to achieve ambitious growth goals for your salon this year? If so, here’s a crucial truth: scaling is often elusive without strategic hiring. It’s a common dilemma; you recognize the need to expand your team, but the financial considerations and time commitment associated with hiring can be daunting.

That’s precisely why it’s time to shift your mindset. Instead of perpetually stating that you’re always hiring, it’s more effective to become strategic about your hiring process. Hiring without a plan can be a costly endeavor, and it’s high time to break free from that cycle.

Why does strategic hiring matter?

  1. Cost-Effective Scaling:
    • Hiring costs money, but a well-thought-out plan can make this investment far more cost-effective.
    • Strategic hiring allows you to focus only on the roles you genuinely need, preventing unnecessary expenses.
  2. Learn the Art of Recruitment:
    • Getting strategic about hiring involves learning the art of recruitment.
    • A well-executed recruitment strategy can yield results that are ten times more impactful than haphazard hiring practices.
  3. Attracting the Right Talent:
    • Strategic hiring isn’t just about numbers; it’s about attracting the right talent.
    • By focusing on quality over quantity, you’re more likely to build a team that aligns with your vision and values.
  4. Reduced Wastage, Amplified Returns:
    • Strategic hiring minimizes financial waste by avoiding unnecessary hires or lost hires.
    • The return on investment comes in the form of a cohesive, loyal team that contributes to the success of your salon.

In essence, it’s about working smarter, not harder. Invest your time and resources in learning how to recruit effectively, and watch as your salon experiences unprecedented growth. Imagine a team that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations – a team that you genuinely enjoy working with and that remains loyal.

To get started you first need to identify your goal number of hires. The simplest way to do this is to determine your salon’s growth goal in dollars. Then you can use your salon’s POS system reports to identify the value of a hairdresser at 1 year in your business. You’ll be looking at their service revenue to determine this figure. Lastly, just do some simple division: total growth goal in dollars/value of 1 year hairdresser = the number of hires you need to make. The better job you do at recruitment marketing the more likely you’ll actually only need this number because you’ll be attracting the best talent for your salon.

So, take the leap, adopt a strategic hiring approach, and witness the amazing returns that come from building the dream team you’ve always envisioned. The future success of your salon starts with the right people in the right roles.

If you are unsure of where to start or want to save time guessing, check out one of our recruiting programs.

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