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The Bad News About Salons Using Social Media: Salons Aren’t Maximizing It’s Potential
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Hiring has changed for every single industry and it can really be narrowed down to two primary reasons.

  1. People’s preferences have changed, and they aspire to have more work/life balance than ever before. This desire for balance drives their decision making around a career choice.
  2. The internet and social media have shifted how people receive information over the last 20 years which has made old methods of hiring obsolete. 

To be successful at hiring if you own a salon today you have to be using social media as your primary tool for recruiting. This is where your workforce is, and it is setup in a way to easily give them access to the information they are seeking.

The good news about this it the beauty workforce spends endless hours daily scrolling on social media so if your consistent with your posting you have a high chance being seen. 

The bad news about this is that the majority of salons are just now getting confident posting pictures of hair and client experiences.

The majority have not taken the leap to create video content and certainly they have not taken the leap to create video content about their team’s value proposition. Without the story being told about the value of working in a business today’s workforce doesn’t know and if you’re a salon that means they’re likely going to pass you by. 

Storytelling on Instagram is a fast track to overhauling your number of incoming applications and that will drive up your ability to make the right hires. 

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