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This is the #1 thing you should focus on to make hiring easier for your salon.
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Brand Awareness Marketing is step 1 to recruiting successfully.

I want to answer a commonly asked question for you this week. 


What is the #1 thing I should focus on to make hiring easier? 


Brand Awareness Marketing

One of the core concepts I teach in all of the Talent Match programs is the steps to marketing. Marketing for clients and marketing for staff are not all that different. And if you got started on just the first step you would start to see new applicants coming in. (and new clients too!) 

Step one of the marketing process is called Brand Awareness. Brand awareness is all about helping people know about your salon brand. The question you have to ask yourself is “who do I want to know more about us?” The answer will determine the type of content that you share and where you share it. As a salon owner, you likely have two answers. You want future employees to know more about you and you want future clients to know more about you. 

Three ways to do brand awareness marketing

  1. Storytelling is an essential element of brand content. This can create an emotional bond with the audience, enhancing their affinity with the brand.
  2. Video content has become an indispensable tool in a salon’s recruiting toolkit. Salons that produce captivating and engaging videos successfully articulate their brand message, connecting with future talent on a more personal and impactful level.
  3. The use of authentic and relatable content on social media platforms has also proven to be effective. When salons post content that resonates with their future talent, they can create a sense of community and deepen relationships and career interests.

I don’t know a single salon owner who doesn’t wish that they could find better quality leads right now for clients and staff.

When it comes to staffing leads it’s not just about a body to put behind the chair, it’s about a person who fits your vibe. We used to think that vibe was all about the culture fit. Years ago when I initially started surveying salon owners to uncover their biggest challenges with hiring the most common thing I would hear is “ I wish I understood better if they would fit my culture.” And you know what, in the 2024 Beauty Workforce Survey it is still the #1 thing owners wish they knew.

But here are the facts: Stylists leave teams that they love every single day. The team is not going to be what retains them. You, their leader + the growth you help them achieve is. In fact for the first time the data shows that the number one reason a stylist leaves a salon is because they don’t feel like they can grow there. (Check out my reel about this here) Interestingly enough it is also the number one reason they pick you. 

So back to your question from above- what is the number one thing I should focus on to make hiring easier? Start talking about how you help people on your team grow on social media. In particular, on Instagram.

Salons that come through the bootcamp (single locations up to 8 location salon groups) all share the same problem when it comes to this marketing action.

Who is going to do it? Where do I find the time?

We saw this problem and knew we had to solve it, which is why in the updated 2024 Salon Recruiting Bootcamp we give you tools like

  • 30 days of exactly what to post on social media to attract top talent for your brand
  • A step-by-step for how to hire a virtual assistant to do the Instagram work for you
  • Exactly how to engage your team to help support creating content.
  • And 23 other bonus tools that cover the things in your way.

We also shortened the program from 10 weeks to 6 weeks- removing all of the extra fluff- because we value that you need results quickly and you’re short on time. 

If a boot camp isn’t in your cards right now then do this.

1.     Create a list of 10-15 ways you help people grow on your team. These ideas create the backbone for the story of your salon that people want to hear about

2.     Create a post for Instagram, 2 per week, and start sharing it every week for the next month. 

3.     Watch your engagement and create more of the posts that got the most interaction. 

If you want help, we’re just an email away.

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