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Using Your Salon Website As A Recruiting Tool
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The salon workforce that is actively searching for their first salon job is typically between the age of 18-25. At the risk of sounding cliché’, this group of future professionals is tech-savvy, and they have pretty high standards when it comes to engaging with your brand and the digital world. 

Three things will get in your way of this candidate applying to your business.

  1. Are you easy to find?
  2. Is it easy to learn more?
  3. Is it easy to connect?

According to the 2021 State of the Industry Hiring Guide – a research study conducted annually by Talent Match – the first or second spot a candidate lands to learn about you is your business. 

Some candidates travel from Instagram to your website and others go straight to the website then to Instagram. Regardless, they are going to go to your website. 

Your salon website is a great tool for sharing all of the information they are hoping to find out about BEFORE they even apply.

If you haven’t given your website a refresh lately then you’ll want to take some notes while you read this. I’m going to jump down to the 2nd barrier which is, “is it easy to learn more?

This is the recommendation from Talent Match that your website has at a minimum to ensure team members feel like they can learn about your brand. 

  1. A team page that sits in your homepage header
  2. A drop down from the team page that lets them go to Team or Careers
  3. Content on your team page that shows your existing staff, their Instagram handles, and a video sharing who you guys are and what you care about.
  4. Content on your careers page that shows your future staff why you’re awesome, highlights of your team’s “magic”, job descriptions, and an easy to find “apply button”.
  5. A video of the salon’s interior on your salons home page or on the Careers page

If you are missing any of these things, then you’ve got some work to do to ensure no candidate is landing on your website and failing to convert.

We can help you get your site cleaned up and speaking your culture language – check out our offering here and let’s do some work together.

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