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When should you hire staff for your salon?
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Historically salons hire when one of two events occurs in their business. 

  1. We realize that we have no Saturday appointments available for weeks
  2. Someone quits

If you found yourself experiencing one of these two things, you likely got to work pretty quickly posting a job ad or emailing your local school letting them know you were eagerly searching for a new team member.

If you are a larger salon, you might have had a planned hiring time in your business at multiple points in the year or if you are really large you might always have a job ad posted to hire.

In every scenario, we are focused on one outcome – hiring. 

In 2022, you should shift your focus from hiring to recruiting. 

Hiring is:

  • typically, reactive
  • focused more on what the job is than the person who fits your brand best
  • about filling seats

Recruiting is: 

  • strategic
  • intentional
  • focused on who you are more than what you do
  • about finding the perfect candidate

Your future employee today cares more about who you are than what you do. They want to know all about the team and what makes them magical. They want to know what to expect from the people leading them and if they will like the people they work with. They want to know if they can grow in your business and what growth looks like. Hint: it’s not just a typed-up growth path you share at an interview. 

If you want to shift from hiring to recruiting, then follow these steps.

  1. Uncover you culture story so you can tell it to the world
  2. Get clear on your recruiting budget
  3. Start telling that story so the right people can find you
  4. Grow your team!

Adding staff to your business is the fastest way to grow your salon. But you want to add the right ones, so they hang around longer, are more productive, and so that everyone is happier.

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