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Writing Effective Job Posts
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It’s past time to freshen up your job posts

One of the biggest changes to hiring has been the evolution of job postings. It’s your job posts that tell the world of candidates that you are hiring and it serves as one of your top lead generation sources for a new candidate. You don’t want to be posting outdated versions of a job post or you risk missing out on candidates!

What you say in your post will make or break your success in attracting talent. 

In the past, we used job posts to list out every element of the job including all of the responsibilities and the requirements you had to meet even to apply. For most people, especially creatives like beauty pros, this was a snooze fest that we likely glanced over. 

In today’s world, the candidate is only clicking on posts that pull at their heartstrings and drives up their oxytocin levels. And this is exactly what you want as a salon offering a job in your business! You want the candidate to feel a pull toward your business.  

Your job posting is one of your most valuable recruitment marketing tools.

 It works in conjunction with all of your other recruitment marketing efforts to tell candidates that you have a job available and what that job is. When we write job descriptions that induce oxytocin it can promote trust, and emotional recognition, and reduce fear. Oxytocin is nicknamed the love hormone and you want candidates reviewing your posting to be releasing it so that they feel attracted to your brand. This is the first step towards building an emotional relationship with a future employee.

The first thing you have to rethink is how your post reads. Instead of listing every detail of the job, think about having your posting read like a story. I recommend having someone outside of your salon read the post and then asking them if it sounds like a compelling job and an interesting place to work. 

Watch out for part two of this blog series where I’ll share the key sections you want to include in your job post.

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