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The struggle of building teams extends into every industry you can think of. Ask just about any business owner or leader what the hardest part of their job is, and they will tell you “Employees”. 

The last decade has brought about a shift in team building that I hope salon owners everywhere are starting to take notice of. You have the ability to build a team you love.

Everything is moving in our favor to make this a reality. It all kicked off because the needs of the workforce started changing and with that came a different set of expectations. 

They wanted to:

  • work with brands that were greener. 
  • feel more aligned to the values of the company
  • see growth opportunities
  • have greater autonomy
  • love the team they worked with 

As a result, we see ourselves having to shift the way we promote our businesses and seek talent- so that they can learn all of these things about us. 

We have to get more tailored than ever before with sharing exactly who and what we are looking for and allow the people who fit that description to opt in because they feel so aligned. 

We increase the likelihood that the RIGHT person is applying and reduce the risk that “just anyone” is applying when we tell a stronger story.

Ask yourself these questions:

What kind of team member do you want? 

How do you want them to show up? 

How do you want them to communicate? 

Then update your messaging to start attracting them. 

I know that in a world where staffing shortages are real and finding talent feels harder than ever- YOU CAN CHOOSE.  Attract and build a team you like or attract and build a team you love.

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