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Your Job Description is Boring
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99% of job descriptions are boring. 

In fact, I can almost guarantee that yours is- but it’s not entirely your fault. We have outgrown the “old” and now it’s time to evolve into the new. 

“New” when it comes to job descriptions tells a story. It goes far beyond a generic list of what we offer and why we are such “a great team or amazing people to work with.

Show me a job description today that doesn’t say something to that effect. This is exactly why they are boring- because it’s what everyone is doing!

You have heard me preach it before, but you have got to stand out. We live in a busy, cluttered, and distracted world where we have found a way to differentiate ourselves from the competition around us. 

Old School job descriptions do a great job of telling candidates with words what they offer, and they attempt to tell them why someone should work at their salon. 

But they fall short because they stay generic. They don’t help me (the candidate) understand exactly what is so amazing about you. They don’t leave a candidate feeling like they want to work in said salon. They don’t tug on the heart of the perfect candidate and have them thinking “I HAVE to work here” or “THIS is my spot!

You want a candidate to read your job posting and find themselves opting in with their heart because the story you told connected so well to them.

This is what I mean


Work with an amazing team.”


At (salon name) we believe in having fun. We care for our guests with a high level of excellence- and send them home with more joy in their heart.


At (salon name) we value loyalty. We have each other’s backs- always. We care for each other as much as we care for our guests.


Our first love in beauty is beautiful hair. Our second love is serving people and that starts with each other. At (salon name) our team comes first because we know that our service to the guests can only be 5 stars when our team is 5 stars

When you take a statement that can be generic like “our team is amazing” and you write a story around the idea of it- you actually get to the place where someone reading it can identify with the kind of amazing you are. 

You want to start attracting your kind of amazing!

Revamp your Job Description

  1. Make a list of the words you use now to grab attention in your existing job descriptions
  2. Write out why that is true next to the word.
  3. Recraft your statement to include something that will actually tug at the heart of anyone who feels aligned to it. 

Your job description is likely the first interaction someone will have with your brand. Make it stand out.

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