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Building the Bridge Between Salon Talent & Salon Leadership
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Helping salon owners convert their culture story into a recruiting magnet ✨

So, who is Talent Match?

To answer the question “who is Talent Match,” I have to start with who I am and share a little bit about what motivated me to be the founder of this brand. 

The idea of Talent Match grew from my desire to help people build lives they love
That desire is rooted deep in my own personal passion to love my life- my friendships, my family, and the work I do. We spend too much time at work not to LOVE it. 

My name is Stefanie Fox and I’ve been in the beauty industry for 17 years. 

In that time, I’ve spanned multiple roles with each one moving me closer to the work I love most- making hiring frictionless for all parties! 

Early on I had a corporate career with The Aveda Corporation and then I went on to work as an educator and consultant in thousands of salons around the US and Canada. 

In my travels I met new people all of the time- stylists and salon owners who always had the same story. The employees were frustrated with the salon owner or manager and the salon owner was frustrated with the team.

The Dirty M Word- millennials

At the time the most common theme of those dinner conversations with salon owners was “these kids” are just different. 

Well… these kids are the adults that make up the millennial generation. 

They came into the workforce and caused some serious disruption to the beauty industry. 

Millennials wanted flexibly, more money, and to feel like everything was customized for them- including their careers
Some brilliant business minds saw this shift and scaled the booth rental business model that made the ease of access to “do your own thing” virtually painless. This disruption cripples some businesses and it has continued to be a real threat to salons everywhere.

Why I think the beauty industry needs to build better teams

The conversations with salon staff and salon leadership fueled my curiosity to know more. 

I wanted inside of their heads to really understand what it would take to help them build careers they loved. 

I started asking questions and researching what the workforce actually wanted. My latest body of research can be found here

Over 20,000 cosmetology students and stylists responded to the survey- and it goes deep into what finding and keeping a job in the salon world looks like- from their eyes

This is invaluable information for any salon leader who wants to build a team that hangs around long term.

Our solution to the beauty industry staffing crisis

I believe we have to take the generational labeling out of this conversation and just start talking about people. 

People are communal and they thrive in places where they feel cared for. 

It’s the essence of the salon model and why consumers continue to stay loyal to a stylist. The same thinking applies to why stylists might stay at a salon- and why they would pick a salon to work at in the first place. 


Talent Match is a bridge between todays salon talent and salon leadership. 

We are a data-based agency who asks big questions that are often surrounded with emotional answers. 

We are the place you can find insights from both parties- salon employees and salon leadership- without all of the emotion. 

I stay neutral and am credible to play this role because I have been on both sides: the employee and the salon owner. 
I know it’s hard to ask your employees what they want – it could open up all kinds of disruption in your business that you were not prepared for. I also know it is equally as difficult for a future employee to come to you and share their needs and wants in the interview process.

Talent Match makes hiring frictionless for both parties. Our research, online programs, and masterminds all seek to do one thing: build better teams. 

If you are a salon owner we want you to feel confident that the person you are about to job offer is a great long term fit and if you are a new stylist we want you to feel confident that you’re about to say yes to the best career decision of your life. 

Our salon hiring algorithm

Talent Match is different from anything else in the beauty industry because we focus on team building based on a culture fit. 

Our unique algorithm found in our Salon Culture Archetype Assessment™ allows salons to understand the culture inside of their business. 

The Build your Beauty Dream Team Online Course teaches salons exactly how to use that information to start attracting the best talent for their business. 

We want everyone feeling *confident* in their choice because we want everyone living a life that they love. We have data-driven technology in the works – which we can’t wait to unveil  to you very soon.

Look who agrees with us 👇🏼

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How Talent Match can help you recruit new salon employees

If you are struggling to recruit new stylists or beauty professionals to your team, we can help.

We are here to help you break through the stress of thinking schools don’t work or that you don’t have enough time to hire. 

Talent Match wants you to love the work you do at your salon and that means you need to love the team you work with. 

We have a proven strategy that works. Contact us today.

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