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Historically the power card in an interview was held by the employer- but changing workforce behaviors and current labor shortages have shifted that power to feel like it now belongs to the employee. 

The real power lies in finding the balance that does what interviewing has intended to do all along- determine a fit from the perspectives of both parties.  It is not to look at a one-sided perspective like we have in the past, or like we risk in the future if employers continue to feel at the mercy of the candidates. 

In the beauty industry, we have felt the changes in the workforces’ expectations creeping up on us over the last decade.  Many salons failed to act when they noticed these changes showing up for the simple fact that it is easier to continue doing what you’ve always done. For others it was simply because they were too busy to really take notice and think through how to evolve. However, those reasons don’t work in today’s competitive job market and salons have to get intentional about interview processes that are determining a fit for both candidates. 

One area that has been most noticed by salon employers as a place of evolution is scheduling.

In my 2020 Beauty Industry Workforce Survey, candidates said that they want to talk about schedule in the first interview! 

We are now employing a workforce who cares more about their work/life balance than what they can achieve at work. This means that they want to understand immediately if your salon is going to fit what they want their life to feel like.

This does not negate their desire to be successful at work, but instead brings new opportunities for us as business leaders to help them find the success they desire in the timeframes they desire to work in. That might mean figuring out how to offer a 4-day work week instead of a 5 -day work week or offering weekends off in some kind of a rotation instead of expecting that they work every Saturday for eternity. 

The options are endless for how you can begin to accommodate the changing needs and still maintain the business momentum you need to be successful if you are open to exploring them.

As a business leader, the most important thing you can do right now is consider what you are open to exploring. That is the information you need to attract the right candidates into your salon.

If you are open to a 4-day work week then you can use that as a recruitment tool. For other owners, they may wish to maintain the 5-day work week and they can use that as a recruitment tool. There are candidates who seek both options, so salons do not need to feel like you are hostage to “what these kids want”- as I so often hear from salon leaders. 

Remember that the opportunity is to help the candidate determine if they are a fit for you as much as you are trying to determine if they are a fit for you. This begins with the recruitment marketing you are putting out into the world that entices a candidate to even apply for your brand.

You want to ensure that your messaging is aligned with what your brand’s team culture really is, so that if you interview and hire a candidate, they wish to stay with you long term. 

We are in a great place of opportunity with hiring if we are willing to put in the work to find the right candidate.

Want some help doing this?

Sign up for my Build your Beauty Dream Team online course and I’ll help you build the recruitment strategy that has your salon’s pipeline filing up with candidates who will thrive in your brand!

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