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Transparency is Your Secret Hiring Weapon
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Today’s salon talent has a lot of options for where to work. Beyond salons they could choose to work in, they are considering jobs in beauty retailers, with manufacturers, and with education companies. 

If you want to stand out you’ve got to make it easier for them to know who you are and why they should work for you

One simple way to do this is to create a Hiring FAQ page on your website that answers all of the most commonly asked questions you get from applicants. 

We know from the 2020 Salon Workforce Survey that candidates are looking for information about the job much earlier in the interviewing process. 

They want schedule and compensation information at the first interview! This is one massive way that the workforce preferences have changed, and it shows us clearly their desire for transparency. 

53% of stylists want schedule covered in their first interview.

45% want compensation discussed in their first interview. 

If these two points give you a little bit of angst you are not alone. 

They go against the old “normal” hiring practices. But if you want to continue attracting the top talent for your salon then you’ll have to consider what you need to evolve in order to be appealing. 

The FAQ page is one way to be transparent and make it easy for future talent to know who you are and to see why they might want to work for you. 

A hiring FAQ page should link from your websites hiring page and be connected directly to a Linktree that you have in your Instagram profile. 

The goal is to make it so easy for future salon talent to find out the answers to the things they want to know about your brand. This brings down one more barrier in your way of getting a recruit into your pipeline.

Here are a few tips for what to share on your salons hiring FAQ page based on the top thing’s stylists told us matter to them. 

  • What are the performance expectations?
  • Does the salon have goals?
  • What is the training program like?
  • How flexible is the schedule?
  • What is the time off policy?
  • What is the dress code?
  • What is the team culture like? 
  • How much will I start out earning? 
  • How many stylists are on the team?
  • What services does the salon provide?
  • What hair color line does the salon use?
  • What product line does the salon retail?

That list will get you started – but I’d *love* to know what other things you feel inspired to share. Head on over to my Instagram page and drop a comment on the FAQ page post! 

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