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Say Goodbye to Ad Hoc Hiring
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Say Goodbye to Ad Hoc Hiring

When we don’t feel confident doing something it can manifest as any number of feelings like:

  • Overwhelm
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Recruiting is stressful because salons aren’t getting the results that they used to get. When you partner this up with the fact that we are in an unprecedented time in the beauty industry: where there are more clients than we have staff to serve them (in most salons) it is no wonder that salon owners are overwhelmed by recruiting

The actual “how to’s” of recruiting have changed so much that even the most successful salons around the country are struggling to find staff.

If you want to be successful at recruiting the first step is to ditch ad hoc hiring.

Ad Hoc: when necessary or needed.

Recruiting requires strategy.

Strategy is a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

Post & Pray™ mode

I call the hiring habits of the past Post & Pray™ mode and it is one we have to leave behind if we want to continue to build our teams. To be successful at recruiting today you have to stop thinking about hiring only when you feel a new staff member is necessary.

We used to think about hiring when we lost a team member or realized that our Saturdays were booked out so far that we were losing new clients. Now that is far too late. 

Stylists have an abundance of choices when it comes to where they can work, and they are surrounded by loads of distractions all of the time.

In this busy, cluttered world why should they pick you? How would they know they should pick you? 

A recruiting strategy is a plan that helps you get crystal clear on exactly that and then includes a laid-out action plan for how to get their attention. 

Tips for Finding Employees for Your Salon

If you want to stop feeling the frustration of losing money because you’re short staffed, feeling like you have no control, and in general feeling overwhelmed by the lack of candidates then follow these steps. 

  1. Take the time to figure out what your teams magic is. What makes them incredible as team members. not as service providers.
  2. Create content to share that information across all of your digital channels. Curious about your current online recruitment health? Take this assessment and find out your recruitment score.
  3. Post and share consistently. One and one does not work!

When you get intentional about who your team is and the story you are telling + where you are telling it- you can actually see a path to building a pipeline of candidates. A pipeline will change your team building reality. You’ll go from being high risk for compromising on a quality candidate for quantity to the confidence to only say yes to the people who you are positive will be great additions to your team. You might even find yourself with a wait list!

Looking for recruitment help? 

Check out my Build your beauty dream team online course here. – you’ll build a full strategy step by step with my help.

Or check out one of my two custom options here and here.

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