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My journey with ads: from confusion to clarity

Ever wondered if running ads could be the missing piece in expanding your salon’s reach and attracting top talent? (and clients) Many salons enrolled in the Salon Recruiting Bootcamp inquire about the effectiveness of ads in attracting talent. While they acknowledge the potential of Ads in acquiring more clients (provided they know how to manage […]

Use your salon CRM to drive sales + acquire talent.

February 26th, 2024 Newsletter TopicSend emails that drive sales without using discountsEvery salon software has a CRM, but salons are using them all wrong and it’s hurting your sales potential.  A CRM is your “Customer Relationship Management” tool. Also known as the email database inside of your booking software. Most salon leaders don’t know much […]

Boosting Salon Recruitment: The Power of Building Brand Awareness

In the fiercely competitive beauty and wellness industry, attracting top-tier talent to your salon is more than just posting job listings. Establishing a strong brand presence is key to attracting skilled professionals who align with your salon’s values and vision. Here are three essential tips to help salons recognize the importance of building brand awareness […]

The Salon Leaders Story

Sharing the story behind a salon leader can be a compelling way to connect with your employees and potential talent. As leaders it’s easy to convince ourselves that our story isn’t interesting, or compelling, or maybe even worthy of telling. But i’m here to tell you that todays salon talent cares a lot about you- […]