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Sometimes making a hiring isn’t the first step to salon growth.

In my experience collaborating with salons across North America, we’ve come to realize that the need to hire is far from straightforward. Salons embark on the hiring journey for a myriad of reasons, each unique to their circumstances. As such, your approach to hiring may vary greatly depending on the specific rationale driving your decision. […]

The fastest way to get more applicants for your salon.

The “I can’t find staff” narrative has been a dominant conversation among salon owners since the return from Covid closures. It’s been going on longer than that though. Talent Match data shows that the shift from the biggest problem is I can’t keep staff to I can’t find staff happened in late 2017. We work […]

Navigating the Year Ahead: The Journey to Salon Growth

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, I’m excited to share a practice that has been instrumental in shaping my professional journey: self-reflection. In this blog post, I’ll take you through some of my favorite self-reflection questions and how leveraging both qualitative and quantitative data has guided transformative decisions for the exciting […]


If you start to go down the rabbit hole of thoughts around what you think your team wants from you as a salon owner you’ll find yourself feeling pretty overwhelmed quickly. Our teams want all kinds of things from us that on a good day might make us laugh a bit and on a tough […]

Solve Your Brand Awareness Problem And Start Hiring

The pains of building a team in the professional beauty industry are not new, they are just different today. The top two challenges I hear from salon owners are The exciting thing about these two problems is that they have the same solution. That means that you can put your energy towards one thing and […]

It’s All About Flexibility

Flexibility is quickly becoming a buzzword. Or for some salon leaders, it’s a word that just makes you cringe. It can be overwhelming to imagine how we could possibly be any more flexible than you are right now. For other salon leaders, you have leaned all in on flexibility and feel great about it.  Why […]

Salon Recruiting In 3 Steps

Recruiting is the thing you hear everyone talking about. Well, almost everyone. Despite the easy assumption that “EVERY SALON is struggling to recruit”, it’s just not true. Some salons have the opposite reality and say “We have tons of applicants coming in.” If you think this sounds crazy, I promise it can be you. I’ve spent […]

A Mindset Shift Around Hiring

We encourage you to look at old problems with a change in focus. Using a more human-centered approach can make it a win win for you and your employees.