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Memorial Day Greetings! Plus Addressing Salon Coaching Myths

Hi Friend! Happy Memorial Day. I hope that everyone takes a moment today in remembrance of the American soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for our freedoms. This week I want to address something I hear in beauty quite often. “Most salon coaches are failed salon owners.” Many salon owners aspire to become salon […]

The Perfect Salon Interview: Balancing Length and Effectiveness

The Interview Experience: How Long Should It Be? The hiring process for salons varies widely. In my experience working with salons, no two processes are exactly alike. This uniqueness is both a strength and a challenge. The strength lies in creating a distinctive brand experience, but the challenge is that many processes lack the key […]

Prioritize Transparency on Your Website Enhance Salon Recruitment Efforts:

Salon Marketing Hack When it comes to recruiting for your salon, there’s no shortage of tasks that demand your time and energy. But amidst the hustle, there’s a simple yet powerful way to attract more applicants: be transparent on your website. Think about it: when someone discovers your salon on Instagram, they’re intrigued. They want […]

Tackling Generational Employment Challenges

Recently, I had the privilege of participating in the Beauty Changes Lives Leadership Roundtable. This gathering brought together 60 leaders from the professional beauty industry, all sharing a common goal: understanding the future landscape of our field. If you’re not acquainted with Beauty Changes Lives, I highly recommend exploring it; it’s an organization dedicated to […]

People Analytics..a new field that should matter to you as a salon owner

Last week I went to a People Analytics meetup in Columbus, Oh.  You know how much I adore diving into data, especially when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of the beauty industry. So, when a friend tipped me off about an event on LinkedIn, I knew I couldn’t miss it. Let me […]

How to sell your salon for top dollar

Most salon owners don’t sell their business for a profit. The beauty industry has this magical thing going on – people stick around for ages, especially salon owners. 🪄 What’s really cool (and challenging) about owning a salon is that it’s not a walk in the park. It can be tough emotionally and financially. But […]