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Memorial Day Greetings! Plus Addressing Salon Coaching Myths

Hi Friend! Happy Memorial Day. I hope that everyone takes a moment today in remembrance of the American soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for our freedoms. This week I want to address something I hear in beauty quite often. “Most salon coaches are failed salon owners.” Many salon owners aspire to become salon […]

The Perfect Salon Interview: Balancing Length and Effectiveness

The Interview Experience: How Long Should It Be? The hiring process for salons varies widely. In my experience working with salons, no two processes are exactly alike. This uniqueness is both a strength and a challenge. The strength lies in creating a distinctive brand experience, but the challenge is that many processes lack the key […]

Prioritize Transparency on Your Website Enhance Salon Recruitment Efforts:

Salon Marketing Hack When it comes to recruiting for your salon, there’s no shortage of tasks that demand your time and energy. But amidst the hustle, there’s a simple yet powerful way to attract more applicants: be transparent on your website. Think about it: when someone discovers your salon on Instagram, they’re intrigued. They want […]

Tackling Generational Employment Challenges

Recently, I had the privilege of participating in the Beauty Changes Lives Leadership Roundtable. This gathering brought together 60 leaders from the professional beauty industry, all sharing a common goal: understanding the future landscape of our field. If you’re not acquainted with Beauty Changes Lives, I highly recommend exploring it; it’s an organization dedicated to […]

People Analytics..a new field that should matter to you as a salon owner

Last week I went to a People Analytics meetup in Columbus, Oh.  You know how much I adore diving into data, especially when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of the beauty industry. So, when a friend tipped me off about an event on LinkedIn, I knew I couldn’t miss it. Let me […]

The Journey Upwards: Navigating the Struggles of Becoming a Leader

Leaders are people too. They have the same struggles and hardships that everyone else faces, so what is it that sets them apart with the title “leader”. And how do they work to live up to that name so it’s not just a title.  Todays beauty workforce is looking for a salon where they can […]

The Salon Leaders Story

Sharing the story behind a salon leader can be a compelling way to connect with your employees and potential talent. As leaders it’s easy to convince ourselves that our story isn’t interesting, or compelling, or maybe even worthy of telling. But i’m here to tell you that todays salon talent cares a lot about you- […]

Making Feedback Less Scary

Feedback can quickly sound like a buzzword for salon businesses and land in our “we’ll do that later category.”  The desire to do it later is often rooted in how uncomfortable it makes us to give feedback to our teams. Most salon owners have had the experience of giving feedback to someone where it didn’t […]

The Biggest Buzzword for Salons is Recruiting 

The buzzword of 2023 for salons has been “salon recruiting”. The recruiting challenge has been faced by salons big and small and across the entire United States. It seems like no one is exempt from this. However, it is a disservice to consider a recruiting plan without considering your retention strategy as well.  At Talent […]

Leadership Can’t Take Last Place

Many salons get their start when a stylist decides that they want to open a salon. The beautiful part of this is that you have a business owner who understands the needs of their team because they are also a hairdresser. The hard part about this is that when the hairdresser turned salon owner tries […]