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Refueling As A Leader

When it comes to running a successful salon you must remember to take time out to replenish your energy stores. Time away is the ticket to recharging.

What is Employee Autonomy?

Understanding the role of autonomy in creating a better work environment is key to creating a strong, cohesive salon team.

3 Steps to Showing Your Salon Team Gratitude

I appreciate you. Thank you for your hard work. I don’t know what we would do with you. You are an important part of this team. There are hundreds of ways to say thank you to our teams and often times we overlook them. I was personally very guilty of feeling all of “the feels” […]

How to Build Relationships With Salon Schools

If you ask anyone in the beauty industry who their first mentor is I guarantee you that over half of the people will name an instructor or advisor from their school program. This is the reason building relationships with the staff at your local beauty schools is ESSENTIAL to your recruiting success. 

Using Your Salon Website As A Recruiting Tool

The salon workforce that is actively searching for their first salon job is typically between the age of 18-25. At the risk of sounding cliché’, this group of future professionals is tech-savvy, and they have pretty high standards when it comes to engaging with your brand and the digital world.  Three things will get in […]

Recruiting Tip #3: Living Your Story Every Day

Recruiting for your salon in 2021 requires a lot of effort because of the amount of pre-work that goes into defining the story you have to share about your brand.  Recruiting is no longer just “post & pray,” where you throw up a job description and have applicants pouring in. Add in the complexities of […]